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Snakes by Sandra Markle

Posted on: May 22, 2011

The reviews from my students are in! For the most part, everyone liked Snakes Biggest! Littlest! by Sandra Markle. What are your favorite books about snakes? If you check out this one, come back and post your opinion too.

Snakes are a really cool reptile! They eat people whole. They can kill you when they spit venom. The snake’s tail can act like a worm and trick frogs and toads to jumping at it. Then the snake gets its prey. The pictures show a snake eating a bird, a snake that camouflaged itself in the desert, and how the snake rolls up its tongue. There isn’t anything I didn’t like about the book. I really liked all of it!

Skelton of a snake at the Natural History Museum

Image via Wikipedia

I picked this book to read because I like snakes. The author talks about the smallest and the biggest snakes. She also tells about snake parts and what they eat. This is a good book for anyone who doesn’t know about snakes, so that they can get used to snakes and maybe like them. This happened to one girl in our class. The best thing about this book is that it shows you the inside of a snake. It was cool to see the bones! I liked the whole book. There isn’t anything I disliked about this book.

The book was great! Snakes are a really cool reptile. I liked when the snakes killed stuff. For example, when a python eats a deer, it ends up with a huge belly.  I like the venom. It looks cool when snakes put it into people and it comes out of their mouth. I didn’t like the snakes that ate big eggs, because it looks nasty when they throw them up. Snakes can be tricky and so watch out! Ssssss!

This is an interesting book. I learned that the snakes uses its rattle to stay safe. I liked the part when the rattlesnake uses its rattle to tell you to go away. I did not like the part where the snake ate a bat, because it is disgusting. You should read this book, because it’s cool and smart.

Snakes rock! I learned that a rattlesnake’s head looks like a bat’s face. I liked when the snake swallowed the whole deer. Poor deer! I didn’t like when the snake ate the rat. It looked yucky! This book has a lot of pictures about snakes. It even has a picture of the snake eating the deer. You should read this book. It’s good!

This book is about snakes! I learned that snakes eat to gain energy and strength. I also learned when the rattlesnake is growing and shedding its skin, its rattle grows bigger. I really liked the goblin viper because it’s green and has a cool color. I do not like the fangs that snakes have because I don’t want to get bit. You should share this book with your best friends, because it’s about the biggest and littlest snakes.

thermographic of a snake eating a mouse

thermographic of a snake eating a mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This book is about different types of snakes. I like the python best. Python can eat deer. It is cool how it stretches its mouth to eat a whole deer. I didn’t the picture of the python eating a bat. It’s gross! I learned that the scales on the back of some snakes are sharp. If you read this book, you can learn lots about snakes.

Snakes are big and small. Some people love snakes; other people don’t like snakes. I don’t like snakes! You need learn about them though, because  some of them are poisonous or dangerous. I didn’t like this book, because I don’t like snakes.

Our rating? Read it: Borrow from your library or a friend. It’s worth your time.

How would you rate this book?

17 Responses to "Snakes by Sandra Markle"

Long, long ago in a place far, far from where I am now, I was a *herpetologist* — that’s a rather big word for a person who takes care of snakes (and lizards and turtles and other reptiles).

Being a herpetologist, I had many different kinds of snakes to care for. Some were constrictors and squeezed their food before eating it. Some were venomous and injected venom/poison into the animals they were going to eat.

Snakes are very, very cool animals! There are so many things you can learn about snakes and other animals that you might think are “yucky” at first, but once you get to know them, you can find out how really beautiful they are.

I used to have a HUGE Burmese Python named Rom. I would take him to schools so people just like you could pet him and see how amazing he was. Rom really liked to be petted and held. A lot of children would make a really long line and I would lift Rom out of his safe box and everyone would hold up a piece of him because it took a LOT of people to hold him up because he was so big!

I hope you read more books about snakes and other reptiles and also about spiders and other insects and even bats and scorpions!

Thank you all for reading this book and writing about it! I really enjoyed your book reviews!

I opened the back door to let my dog Barnaby into the yard to pee, but he wouldn’t go out. I gave him a shove with my foot — right onto a garter snake. Oops! I guess I should have listened to him. Good thing the only snakes we have here in Lincoln are little garter snakes. My wife (your teacher) and I are always happy to find garter snakes in our yard. And when I’m not plopping our dog or cat on top of them, they’re always interested to come across them too. There, you see? All of your great reviews have got me thinking about snakes. I always enjoyed learning about animals when I was a kid, and own a lot of animal reference books even now. I’ll have to take a look at this book about snakes since you all make it sound so cool.

Allison & SnakeBesides reading about snakes, my students and I also shared stories and photos. Here is one that I shared from about seven years ago. The photo was taken in the science classroom at the school where I student taught.

What descriptive writers’ you are! I love the WOW words you used to really help me know how you feel. I’m with Paige in that I don’t like snakes but it’s amazing to learn more facts. Keep up the good writing. I look forward to reading your writing in fourth grade! Thanks to your teacher for posting your ideas!
Your impressed principal!

Class newspapers and book reviews! I love publishing student work. 🙂

I enjoyed reading these reviews, to discover what different people got from reading the book. There are so many facts! And I loved reading about people’s reactions to the book and the subject.

Reading these reviews make me want to buy the book for my own children.

Thank you so much.

Deborah Walker

I’d love to read their reviews of Snakes too. 🙂

What a great amount of knowledge this class has! Great job, students! These were all great reviews and it makes me want to read this book and find out more about snakes. It sounds like you have all learned a great deal about snakes now. My favorite part about each of these reviews is that they are all so different about the same book. It is so exciting to see what different people take from the same book. Good work!

Even though I provided my students with a structure for how to write their reviews, I was also delighted with how different each review sounded. Their personalities and unique take on the book stood out, which is how good writing should be. I’m proud of my students!

I really enjoyed these reviews – they made me want to read the book. I’ve had snakes as pets (no venomous ones, though!), and I really like them.

I was so pleased to see that a lot of you thought snakes were cool, even if you didn’t actually like them a lot.

Elizabeth Creith

Books can certainly help instill appreciation for nature. Storms scare me; yet in reading about them I also think them magnificent.

Great job, students! I’m glad you all found the topic of snake interesting. Each review shows a new angle of the book, and it is clear each student put a lot of thought into his or her review. Keep up the good work!

Hello class, I write movies. For fun and for money, if I’m lucky. I read a lot and write a lot too. Let me say…

Really awesome reviews guys! It makes me want to read the book. You have all managed to paint very visually descriptive pictures with words! That is the mark of GREAT WRITING! Be proud students and teacher. It’s working.

It’s amazing how being interested in something can make such a huge difference. I love each one of your creative angles on the source material. How can you not love snakes! They are creepy and fun. I can certainly tell by these reviews, you are all well on your way to becoming great writers.

Keep up the great work and remember, you can always learn more by reading a book than watching a show because you can focus more on the details. And details matter. You all just displayed clear, focussed, entertaining and detailed writing. I can’t wait to see the next set of reviews. ;p

Great job guys. Keep reading!

Best Wishes,
– AJT Screenwriter – Hollywood, CA

School is now out, but my students were excited to know how much attention their reviews attracted. I printed copies of their posts and the comments for them as a keepsake.

I don’t like rattle snakes.

I like them only at a distance. 🙂

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