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NE Picture Books by Rajean Shepherd

Posted on: November 27, 2011

This past month, my students and I have been reading Nebraska fiction. We culminated our studies this past week by reviewing C is for Cornhusker and Nebraska Numbers by Rajean Shepherd. My students had many varied viewpoints!


In her two pictures books about Nebraska, Rajean Shepherd talks about all the things one can do in Nebraska. I would like to visit more of Nebraska. You can plant trees in the spring on Arbor Day. When the weather gets too hot in the summer, you can swim at Niobrara River or Lake McConaughy or other water spots. You can attend Husker football games and cheer for the football players. Throughout Nebraska, you can see dances from different cultures. Nebraska has a state quarter with Chimney Rock on it that you can collect. There were pictures for all of these things. You can learn about Nebraska from these books.


Have you ever read a book about Nebraska? Our class has read a lot of them. My favorite was The Huckabuck Family by Carl Sandburg. It was all about popcorn. We also read two picture books about Nebraska by Rajean Shepherd. Parts of them were too kiddish for me and other parts were too difficult for me. So, I didn’t care for them.


Let me tell you about a couple of books our class read about Nebraska. I liked learning about places I could visit. The thing I’d most like to see is the huge shark tank at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. I’d also visit the Arbor Day Farm. The books took a long time to read, but are good to help you know more about Nebraska.


I really liked Rajean Shepherd’s books about Nebraska. Honey is an important industry our state. I learned that the honeybee’s ability to pollinate crops is important to Nebraska farmers. In 1975, the honeybee was made our official state insect. I’d really like to visit the Niobrara River. It sounds pretty. You should read these books, because they have a lot of facts about Nebraska.


If you are a person that likes to travel, go to your library and get Rajean Shepherd’s books about Nebraska. On each page she puts a poem and pictures, but also includes a sidebar of information. I’d most like to see sod houses and to visit Living History Days at Old Fort Atkinson. There, you can see military activities and daily chores from life in the 1800’s.


At first Rajean Shepherd’s books about Nebraska didn’t interest me. They took us a long time to read. I learned that if at first you don’t like a book, keep reading and you might change your mind. I liked how the author used letters in one book and numbers in another to give facts about our state. I’d like to know what it would be like to travel to all the places in this book. I’d like to meet Rajean Shepherd in person to ask her questions.


Have you ever read any books by Rajean Shepherd? There have a lot of pictures! I learned that Fort McPherson is the only national cemetery in Nebraska. American flags wave gallantly there for veterans. I want to visit Living History Days at Old Fort Atkinson. Everyone should read her books!

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