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Adoption Round-Up Launch

Posted on: September 18, 2012

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Last March, I participated in a virtual book tour from Making Connections. Through this tour, I made contact with Sheila Kelly Welch, author of Waiting to Forget and other books about adoption. My reason for juggling my schedule to fit in this tour was a personal one: my husband and I hope to adopt. As such, books which explore the topic of adoption hold a special interest for me. At the back of my mind, while participating in the Making Connections tour, I decided that I wanted to eventually revisit the topic here at Allison’s Book Bag with a round-up of adoption books.

That time has now arrived. To select books to review, I turned to experts. After all, my husband and I are at this point only on a waiting list. Other than informational meetings which we’ve attended through our local adoption agency, my husband and I don’t know anything about adoption. For that reason, I currently prefer to review only those books on adoption which have been recommended by those with more knowledge on the topic than myself. For now, this amounts to two sources, one being that of author Sheila Kelly Welch who is also a mother of several adopted children and the other is the reading list from our local adoption agency. I’d love to hear about favorites from those of you who are going through the adoption experience.

Now to talk about my reading selections. Sheila Kelly Welch graciously sent me three of her books which explore adoption. One is illustrated by her, another written by her, and the last is a collection that includes one of her stories. I’ll review these three books this week. In her guest post Adoption Books for Young People, Sheila Kelly Welch also referred to books she has collected on the topic of adoption. I tried locating them at my local library, but alas could only find one. I had better fortune when I turned to the reading list of our local adoption agency. From their list, I found five picture books and two young adult reference books. Still, I wanted more and so I emailed Sheila Kelly Welch again. With her additional help, I added one young adult novel and one young adult reference book. The picture books I’ll review next week and all the others I’ll review in the third week. As you might have figured out, I mostly found picture books and reference books. Anyone have suggestions for good chapter books or juvenile fiction?

This round-up will work similar to how my multicultural reading experiment worked: Reflections. I’ll post a review a day until I’ve posted all thirteen reviews. After that, as a bonus, I’ll add an interview with Sheila Kelly Welch. Then I’ll wrap-up my adoption round-up with a reflection that will include links to all relevant posts. If you’re interested in knowing the full list of books which I’ll review, you can find it near the top of the right-hand column. Enjoy the round-up!

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