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Author Daniel Wright

Posted on: December 27, 2012

Who’s ready for another dystopian novel? A lifelong Texan, Daniel Wright has written a new entry in the field. Wright grew up on a cotton farm in Texas. In 1969, and so the same decade in which I was born, Wright started work at a radio and then television station. In my interview with him on Friday, you can find out more about how those positions compare. He held jobs reporting the news and later the weather, along with even hosting programs and telethons. His final employment years were in sales, until in 2001 he was asked to find other employment. Rather than continue to pursue traditional jobs, he decided to turn his hobby of writing into his next career. Again, to find out more about that move, check out my Friday interview with Wright.

That’s about all the biographical information I could find on Wright. In checking out his blog, I did mark some posts which highlight some of the pretty big moments that we all face.

  • There’s the value of education: “… to question is a fascinating road to discovery, one of life’s joys and greatest responsibilities. Never stop questioning and never close your mind to possibilities.”
  • Or the nature of love: “Here, it must be pointed out the difference between “love” and “like”. To like someone is simply an attraction brought on by a number of different variables. It could be shared experiences or, even more simply, an easy feeling of being in another’s company. But to love is to forge a bond that can never, ever be broken.”
  • Then there’s the move into a new home: “I think, I’ll begin calling “The Old Money Pit”. You know the type of house I’m referring to; full of character, charm and, oh yeah, lots and lots of problems.”
  • And there’s the task of handling multiple jobs: “Although at times necessary, proficiency declines proportionally to the number of tasks undertaken. Nothing gets done well. That’s my assertion and I’m sticking with it.”
  • Finally, this being a blog about books, I’ll leave off with the one about how novels are written: “Last week, I pulled out an old manuscript of a novel I first drafted in about 1999. The goal was to breathe life into it. I need to add a closing chapter that must be written from scratch. Otherwise, it, once again, has been re-written.”

Tomorrow I’ll post my interview with Daniel Wright. Then on Saturday I’ll review his new book Annie’s World. Save the dates: December 27-28.

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