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Snapshot Meme: I Love Clothes Shopping!

Posted on: February 15, 2013


Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. This photo represents one of my loves: Shopping for clothes!

This photo is about five years old. My husband composed the shot after a clothes shopping trip of mine. Most of these outfits I still have and love to wear. The clothes have lasted much longer than an one-hundred dollar pair of boots that I brought which fell apart after a month.

For several years, I would drag my sweet husband to many, many, many stores. Being petite in size, it can be difficult for me to find the right size. He’s thankful that I have finally found a store where I can find cute clothes that fit.

After I found that store, my mother-in-law started giving me a gift card for my birthday. So every summer, I look forward to buying new clothes for the upcoming teaching year. Sometimes I save the card and replenish my wardrobe in the winter.

Alas, that store only carries expensive and fancy dresses. By fancy, I mean the type you wear out in the evening or to the prom. So, my dresses I tend to buy (of all places) when I return to Canada every year to visit my family.

What is your most best shopping experience? What is your most horrific shopping experience?

14 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: I Love Clothes Shopping!"

Never really enjoyed shopping until my two daughters grew old enough to make it an outing event♫ Now I enjoy it on my own! Here’s my SS:

I love how you regularly find photos in ordinary things such as weeds and street signs. Your blog is fun to browse. Thanks for the visit!

This is a great shot that really shows your enthusiasm. Here’s Mine

I love the barber’s tease on your son. 🙂

So… is pink one of your fave colors?

Pink and red are my favorite colors to wear, although I’ve tried to branch out to variations such as orange and purple. When I was little, adults used to nickname me: “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Haha! So cute! I do like red! You asked what kind of dog my Mimi is … she is a tiny tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi … the finest of dogs in my humble opinion! Smart as whips, determined and single-minded, playful and with boundless energy and extremely loyal and wanting to please!

My husband and I have a toy poodle. I used to think poodles were too fancy, but Barnaby has proved me wrong. He loves agility, walks, and kisses. A regular fun dog!

That’s a great way to record shopping spree. My Snapshot is at

Thanks for your visit! I browsed your site. The story of the piggies made of flowers was incredible:

My favorite memories of shopping is when I was in 6th grade. Me and my two best friends would be dropped off by one of our parents at the mall every Sat. when they opened and then be picked up when the closed. We shopped, ate at the food court, went to movies and had a blast. We had so much fun! That was when you didn’t have to lock your doors and it was safe for kids to be out by themselves. No way would that be ok today. I’ve lost touch with one of the girls, but still talk to the other one

Worst experience is that I was bad at losing money. On one trip I lost $50 of the money my mom gave me. Thank God my mom was not one to loose her temper.

The mall in my hometown doesn’t have a food court, but I do remember fun times at the mall. Besides window shopping, my favorite thing with friends to do with friends was pose at the photo booth where we could get photos for a $1. Thanks for sharing your memories!

I took my 13 year old son shopping for clothes this afternoon. He totally hates the whole process of shopping, so we had to make some quick decisions.

My seventeen-year-old brother hates shopping too! He prefers for our mom to just pick out his clothes for him.

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