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Snapshot Meme: Doll Bookcase

Posted on: March 8, 2013


Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos.

Isn’t this bookcase adorable? My husband bought it for me and it’s the perfect gift for someone who grew up loving both dolls and books. The bookcase has received an honored place in our bedroom. It holds all my current reads, along with some that I merely hope to read.

If you look closely, you’ll notice the top shelf holds educational books on the writing craft. My husband has since purchase a separate case for my school books. You’ll also see Oz books and Henry Huggins books. Was I reading these to my students? I have no idea. On the bottom are borrowed science fiction books, gardening books, and even aquarium books. Since that time, I have decided adult fantasy and science fiction is too serious for me. Our garden awaits the day we own our own home. Last, my husband and I have decided that we prefer four-legged critters to fish, as much as the latter are fascinating to watch.

If you were to see my shelves today, you’d see books from others on my top shelves. One that I just removed, because I finished reading it, is Naked Prey by John Sandford. Next, there are devotional books and informational books. You’ll learn about one, The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma, in an upcoming post. Last, there are books from the writing craft, not for school but for me.

What’s one of the best book-related gifts you have received? If a visitor were to see the books in your bedroom, what would they be?

13 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Doll Bookcase"

The perfect intersection of book-loving and doll houses! 🙂 I don’t receive many book-related gifts because 1) not a lot of my relatives read obsessively like I do, and 2) most of them don’t want to buy me duplicate copies or something I’ve already read. My husband and kids got me a kindle for mother’s day a couple of years ago though, and that was cool.

How does reading e-books compare to print books? I’ve seen a Kindle but never actually used one.

What a thoughtful husband. I have The Reading Promise in my TBR shelf in the bedroom (it’s been there for a while)- I’ll be interested in your thoughts on it.

What an unusual bookshelf – but a lovely idea. My Snapshot is at

In our new house, I want built-in bookcases too. 🙂

I had a dollhouse bookcase much like that when I was a girl! I wonder what ever happened to it?

Oh my gosh I love that!!! I need to find one for my daughter’s room! Here’s my Saturday Snapshot post.

A quick browse online turned up several types of dollhouse bookcases. Have fun shopping!

This is so cute!

My husband has good taste. 🙂

To me, anything that it’s our bedroom is honored. Yes, one day I need to post photos of our library and, um, of all the books in boxes downstairs. Those are from book sales, because I live by the philosophy that one can never have too many books–even if one has no room to display them. 🙂

I don’t know how “honored” the bookcase’s placement is, given that it’s in the corner of the bedroom behind the open closet door. Perhaps when we get a new house we can honor it better. (This picture does not show the bookcase’s current location. It was taken in the house you lived in before we got married.)

As you mention, this bookcase is just for books you are currently reading or plan to read soon. Your vast library is in another room altogether. In fact, maybe you should post a photo of that the next time this meme rolls around!

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