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A Finger Puppet Yoda

Posted on: April 23, 2013

With Dwight suspended, McQuarrie Middle School is missing its most famous attendee: Origami Yoda. And no Yoda means no case file to solve. But just as Tommy wonders if he’ll ever find anything interesting to write about again, something BIG happens.

This is the description from the back cover of The Secret Fortune of the Fortune Wookie, the third in the Origami Yoda book series by Tom Angleberger. The first two titles in the series are The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, which was been nominated for the Illinois State 2013 Rebecca Caudill Award, and Darth Paper Strikes Back! I’ll review the third tomorrow.


Tom Angleberger started his first novel in eighth-grade but never finished it. Since that time, he has more successfully pursued careers as a newspaper reporter and columnist, juggler, weed boy, lawn mower part assembler, and biology research assistant. His current occupation is author and illustrator. A lesser known fact about Angleberger is that his pen of choice is a Pilot G2 gel roller! He uses 1.0 for everyday doodling and .7 used for illustrating the Origami Yoda books. An interesting quote from Angleberger is “I’m not necessarily all that creative. I’m more of a puzzle putter together. I take all these little puzzle pieces—Yoda, middle school problems, Cheetos—and I fuss and fuss with them until I fit them together.” He lives in Virginia with his wife Cece Bell, on whom he based the character Caroline. According to Angleberger, his superpower is Aspergers!


Master Yoda - origami.

Master Yoda – origami. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When asked by About.Com, what gave him the idea for the story of Origami Yoda, Angleberger explained that an origami master named Fumiaki Kawahata once folded an amazing Origami Yoda. Angleberger tried to make his own but found it difficult and so instead he fiddled about with some green paper until he made his own super simple Origami Yoda which worked like a finger puppet.
 From there the book Origami Yoda flowed, with characters being based on people he knows. For example, while Dwight is not exactly him, Angleberger does know what it’s like to be the weirdest kid in school. As for Caroline, he married her!

Make your own Origami Yoda: Folding Your Own Star Wars Papercraft

Watch a trailer for The Secret of the Fortune Cookie Wookie:

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