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Six-Word Saturday Meme #12

Posted on: May 11, 2013


Lift off! Life is getting better.

My life is no longer in a holding pattern. First, I have a teaching position lined up for next year. Better yet, everyone who has worked at the school where I’ll be next gives it a high praise. My health is stable again. Along with it, my depression has lifted. Third, a course with low enrollment will actually go ahead. It’s the last course I need for my Teaching of Writing certificate. After I obtain my certificate, I can promote myself as a writing specialist. Moreover, my salary will get a little spike. Every financial boost will help towards the goal of my husband and I to own a home.

Those are all the big changes. On the more immediate front is an exciting weekend. It started yesterday with a celebration of my husband’s birthday. We took a walk at a new park, ordered Mexican entrees from a food truck, and watched a movie of my husband’s choice. A fabulous night with a fantastic person! Today I’ll meet with a local writing group for the first time. Prior to now, we’ve chatted and critiqued writings only through an online board. And, of course, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Normally, my husband gives his mom chocolates and a card. This year, we’re actually taking her out to a restaurant.

The final perk is there are only two weeks left to the teaching year. Then I’ll have two weeks to read and write and RELAX before it’s course time. Good times ahead!

What about you? What six words describe your Saturday this week?

10 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday Meme #12"

I wish you continued success!

Thanks! Next week my challenge will be to write for five days in a row. With life going so well, I have every reason to be disciplined. 🙂

Congratulations. I hope it all goes well.

Ah, me too! I don’t have any idea yet what my job assignment will be, but do already have a copy of my course syllabus. Adventure ahead!

Nice to hear that someone’s life is going well. I’m happy for you!

April was terrible. May is making up for it!

Wonderful news! I hope you continue to enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for your visit. How’s your job search?

The writing group meeting was fun and rejuvenated me. Afterwards, my husband and I took our dogs for a walk. We took photos of trees and a family of Canadian Geese. Now we’re planning our summer vacation. Good weekend so far!

Yay, Allison! You go, Girl!

Three good pieces of news already this month. May is looking good!

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