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Six-Word Saturday Meme #17

Posted on: June 15, 2013


Life sucks less; last course starts

These two lines actually have nothing to do with each other, other than they happened in the same week. I’ll start with my course. In two weeks, I’ll finish my last course in my Teaching of Writing endorsement. Basically, this means besides already being a resource teacher, I’ll now also have a specialization in writing. Several years into teaching, I discovered that my niche lay in helping struggling writers. In addition, most teachers find it too much of messy process and so are more than happy to let me teach it. 🙂 And so, I decided to earn the credentials to focus on that area.

As for my “life sucks less” statement, I’m learning to live with the grief of losing a job, having a miscarriage, and seeing my guinea pig die. My new position is an exciting one! I’ll teach three writing classes, along with two pull-out reading groups.  My husband and I have once again accepted that we might not have our child. We will continue to hope to adopt. Last, although the house remains too quiet, and I still keep finding hay underfoot, I’m learning to deal with the sadness.

That’s my week. What about yours?


12 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday Meme #17"

This has really been a tough time for you. So much loss to cope with.
The new position sounds wonderful, though; I’m glad things are looking up.

Thanks for the visit and the kind words. In Summer of The Great Grandmother, Madeleine L’Engle talks about how at one point life was so busy she didn’t have time to grieve. This describes my June. Perhaps though for the moment this is what I need, because it’s allowing me some distance. When I do have time to reflect again, I should be better able to handle all the sadness.

I am also a resource teacher. You are right there are many up’s and downs. Excited for you on your new adventure.

Thanks for your visit. Nice to hear from a fellow resource teacher! Elementary, middle, or high school? I’ve also browsed your blog. 🙂

So sorry life’s been sucky lately – I hope there’s a rainbow around the corner for you.

Thanks. Me too! 🙂

Many hugs, friend. You’re in my thoughts.

Congrats on the new teaching position. How wonderful!

Thanks for the hugs! I could have ended up with many not-so-great teaching positions. The one I have excites me and so I feel blessed for it. I’m sure there will be stories eventually here at my blog. 🙂

You have had a lot to get through! But I’m sure you will find the teaching you are called to do very fulfilling. (I have been teaching writing for decades, and I love it.)

Next fall will be my ninth year of teaching. I love it, but sometimes struggle with balancing two careers. My job is only part-time, long story for the reason, and so I write on the side.

I am glad you are coming to terms with your losses. It sounds like in one way or another, we both like words, and helping struggling students. Did I tell you I am a speech/language pathologist?

Yes, I remember that you are a speech pathologist. If you were at my school, we would often work together. 🙂

We do seem to have similar passions. Actually, when deciding on which area of education to pursue for certification, I considered Speech Pathology. 🙂

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