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Musings Meme: Current Reads #10

Posted on: July 1, 2013

MusingMondaysWhat are you reading right now?
What do you think of it?
Why did you chose it?

I owe an apology to my husband. About a year ago, he recommended Booked to Die by John Dunning to me but I didn’t take time to read it. My husband passed it on specifically to me as a book lover, because it features a cop who likes books and who investigates the death of a book scout. I glanced inside, saw mostly titles of books I didn’t recognize, and closed the book. The naming of book titles seemed like a gimmick.

Cover of "Booked to Die (Cliff Janeway No...

Cover of Booked to Die (Cliff Janeway Novels)

Vacation time rolled around, providing me with some time to read loaned books. I asked my husband which of the ones from him I should start with and he immediately pointed out Booked to Die. In reading the inside of the back cover, I discovered the author owns a book store. I began turning pages. As the intricacies of a homicide police investigation unfolded, I began wondering how a book dealer knew about police work. In checking out an interview at Absolute Write with John Dunning, I discovered that John Dunning got to know the police, ride in their cars, and even witness several homicide scenes as part of his job as a reporter.

As for Booked to Die itself, my husband was correct to recommend it. The main character Cliff Janeway often refers to books but not in a dry way. He gets into conversations with book dealers about how to recognize a first edition. During a search through the books of a victim, he discovers autographed copies of books which have been marred in one way or another. While talking to a book dealer as part of his investigation, he hears stories about some unusual autographs. My husband is right that this is a book lover’s dream novel. Oh, and it’s also a good mystery!

What is your current read?

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