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Discovering Newfoundland Through Picture Books

Posted on: July 8, 2013

Map of Newfoundland, Canada

Map of Newfoundland, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I’m back on The Rock!” This thought ran through my head as our ferry docked in Newfoundland.

If you look at a map of my home province, you’ll see that the bulk of its population lives along the coast. For that reason, until the cod fishery collapsed in the 1990’s many islanders made their living from the sea. Today there are still those who make their living catching scallops and lobster. Much of our fiction, for young and old, still revolves around these communities, which are called “outports”.

I grew up in the Central region of Newfoundland. My town was inland, not on the coast, which means that I spent my childhood wondering what lay beyond the hills and trees surrounding my hometown. A map will reveal that Newfoundland largely consists of bogs, rocks, trees, hills, and bodies of water. Beyond these geographical features, well, Newfoundland is an island. If one travels far enough in any direction, one will reach the coast and see nothing but the vast ocean. Perhaps for that reason there remains a scarcity of Newfoundland fiction with an inland setting.

Being an island, Newfoundland is unique in many ways. For example, icebergs are regular visitors to our coastline. Also, we have less than twenty native mammals. However, those mammals include caribou, foxes, and bears. How fun is that?! Moreover, what Newfoundland lacks in mammals it more than makes up for in its numerous unique plants and its abundance of marine life. Its animals (and to a lesser extent, its plant life) are also featured in our fiction, especially picture books.

In previous summers, I have reviewed juvenile and young adult fiction from Newfoundland. For the rest of this month, my focus will be on Newfoundland picture books. There are several which simply tell good stories. Those which I select to review will also educate you about my province, which I consider to be the most beautiful place in the world to live.

4 Responses to "Discovering Newfoundland Through Picture Books"

I am so envious of your visit back home! I’ve always wanted to see Newfoundland. I’ve been to Canada, but only visited through Ontario (although after my travels there, I really wanted to stay and never go home, lol). I hope you enjoy your visit!! 🙂

What part of Ontario did you visit? My dad is originally from there. I still have relatives there.

If you ever return to Canada, despite the extra travel distance, you must see Newfoundland. I cry every time I leave the island. 😦

Welcome back to the Rock, Allison. Being an island in the ocean, Newfoundland is much different than Northern Ontario, where I was raised. However the immediate area in which you grew up isn’t really much different from the part of Northern Ontario in which I grew up, each having “bogs, rocks, trees, hills, and bodies of water.” Enjoy your visit!

Thanks for your comment! Andy and I expect to enjoy our visit. We appreciate the family letting us stay with all of you every summer. 🙂

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