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Snapshot Meme: Beauty At The Top

Posted on: July 20, 2013

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. This week, I’m posting more photos from nature hikes in Newfoundland, Canada. (By the way, the proper pronunciation of the province is “newfinLAND”, not “newFOUNDland”.)

If you don’t know where you’re going…. you might not get there.

In my post about climbing The Lookout Trail in Newfoundland, I scoffed at those who believed that beauty is in the destination. Yet there’s something to be said for their sentiment too.

My husband and I recently took a whirlwind trip up to Change Island and Fogo Island, both also in Newfoundland. Out of the three trails we attempted, two of them we had to turn back due to time constraints. Both times, I felt a little sad that we didn’t finish.

The trail on Change Island led us over rocks and then twisted through the bog, while one trail on Fogo Island led us along the coastline and required some strenuous climbing over rocky paths. When I bemoaned not getting to finish them, my husband rightly asked, “Isn’t it about the journey?”

While that’s true, there’s a feeling of pride that comes with the completion of difficult trails, that I was eager to have. I like being able to say that we climbed all 476 steps at the Daredevil Trail in St. Anthony, and that we reached one of the Four Corners of the World (according to Flat Earthers) on Fogo Island.



The Great Auk Trail on Fogo Island would have led us to a statue of the extinct seabird, which got me thinking about what other sights we missed by not reaching the end. So yes it’s about the journey, but I’m a little kid who wants to see everything. 🙂

Then there’s the beauty factor. While we did stop in both places to take photos of birds, flowers, pine cones, rocks, and even trail markers, my breath was most taken away by the view at the top.

Being originally from Newfoundland, I’m not unacquainted with ocean scenes. Change Islands is also not a terribly big place, having only one bed-and-breakfast, one restaurant, and…. you get the idea. Yet I felt awed at the incredible sights there.




Fogo Island is big enough that we could have easily spent a few days there, but it boasted equally astounding sights. Being at the top of their trails reminded me why visitors are often eager to return. I’m so proud to be part of this beautiful landscape, even if only once a year.


10 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Beauty At The Top"

This looks like a terrific hike with some gorgeous views. Here’s Mine

When in the Islands area, we enjoyed our hikes so much that we expanded our visit to include more trails. In all, we walked three that day.

Gorgeous. Love the mountain photos. I don’t know if I would like to climb all those steps.

THANKS for sharing.


Silver’s Reviews
My Saturday Snapshot

If it helps, going down took only minutes. 🙂 At the top, it was blustery but the view was spectacular and worth the leg burn.

What a beautiful hike! Newfoundland is on my list of places to visit!

You’ve given me the ultimate compliment! By the way, Newfoundland also has a reputation as being a friendly province. Should you visit, expect a warm welcome. 🙂

Wow, this looks beautiful and sounds like a great trip! I especially like your first picture with all the angles made by the stairs 🙂

The photo you especially liked was taken in St. Anthony, near the top of the Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland. St. Anthony has several trails. We walked three of them, but were most proud of finishing the Daredevil one.

The toughest part of this post was deciding what photos to leave out. My husband and I narrowed my picks to about a dozen and then from there I further reduced the number.

It’s always so hard to narrow down vacation photos, there are so many new things to take pictures of!

After years of creating annual albums of our photos from Newfoundland, this past spring my husband created a “Best Of Newfoundland” album for us to show to family and friends in the area. It’s helpful even for us to see what photos have we previously taken and what kind of photos might be new.

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