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Pacing Change At Allison’s Book Bag

Posted on: August 12, 2013

Summer’s almost over, school’s about to start, and I’m feeling the crunch of time. In addition, some readers have shared with me that they’re finding it difficult to keep up with all my posts. With these two needs in mind, I’ve started thinking about some changes at Allison’s Book Bag.

When I first launched Allison’s Book Bag, I posted a review a week. Within six months, I rediscovered the delight of research and started adding author interviews and biographical information. This led to me posting a few times a week, a reasonable pace which I kept for the first two years and garnered me a modest average of forty hits per day. Just as importantly, I received lots of compliments.

What it didn’t garner me, however, were regular comments. My husband, whom you might remember inspired this blog, suggested I mix things up. And so I have with news posts, opinion posts, quick reviews, and most recently participation in MEMES. The result is now I post two times a day except on Sundays. The practice has led to many more comments, about the same about hits, and more tiredness on my part.

With the intention of finding a little more balance, I’m cutting back to the below schedule. You’ll notice from it that there are still two days when I might post twice. That’s because I’m addicted to the Snapshot and Six-Word Memes, and so they’re probably here to stay.

  • Monday:  News & Views OR Interview with Picture Book Author
  • Tuesday: Current Read OR Picture Book Review
  • Wednesday: Wish List OR Book Teaser
  • Thursday: Booking OR Author Teaser
  • Friday: Snapshot AND/OR Interview with Featured Book Author
  • Saturday: Six Word AND Featured Book Review

2 Responses to "Pacing Change At Allison’s Book Bag"

Thanks for your thoughtful comments! Already this week, my new schedule has proved more relaxing and yet I seem to have as many visitors.

All the best with your plans to make daily posts at Open Theism. I know how many hours you put into posts and so I hope you don’t find the extra ones a stress but will continue to find having a blog enjoyable.

For readers who haven’t yet visited, Open Theism can be found at:

Although I wasn’t one of “some readers have shared with me that they’re finding it difficult to keep up with all my posts,” I could have been. In the early days of Allison’s Book Bag, I read every post and tried to comment on all that I knew something about. However as you increased its offerings, I dropped back to reading just the posts that I knew something about and commenting on only a few of them. I also wondered how you managed to make so many posts while living a full life outside of Allison’s Book Bag.

Best wishes with the new schedule. It still offers quite a variety to followers of Allison’s Book Bag but should be less demanding on you.

I’m planning to go the opposite way with Open Theism. Since starting it last fall, I’ve made just one post a week, initially expanding on an article that I’d written earlier on open theism and later providing material for the church small group that my wife and I attend. Now I’m planning to start later this month to make daily posts on our family reading of a popular systematic theology book while continuing to make weekly posts related to the church small group. Hopefully I’ll be able to live up to my plans.

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