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Six-Word Saturday Meme #23

Posted on: August 31, 2013


Long weekend: taking time for me.

In my previous Six-Word-Saturday, I talked about needing to slow down on a more regular basis. What happens when I don’t is I start to feel tired, anxious, stressed, and even depressed. Initially, I become obsessive about deadlines and schedules. Then when all this pressure mounts, I begin to doubt my abilities and self-worth, which leads to my backing away from commitments. Ironically, I end up taking lots of naps, going for lots of walks, and eating lots of junk food. Which of course sabotages all my progress and sends me spiraling into a deeper funk. Sometimes a scripture will pull me out of my mood. Other times, it takes wisdom and patience from my husband. Always, it takes my willingness to allow or even force myself to take a breath and take personal time.

These past couple of weeks, I started to slip into a dark mood. The start of a new teaching year is always a hectic time. I also allowed myself to take on too many other commitments. All too soon, my days were filled with tears and headaches. This long weekend, as part of trying to pull myself into a better mood, I didn’t bring home any schoolwork. Although my husband will take a short trip out of town, I also turned down some socials. Last, I set aside time to catch up on correspondence, read a few books, and spend time just on me.

That’s my week. What about yours?

12 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday Meme #23"

So important to take time for you! Glad we have this day to do it!

Even Jesus got away by himself to reflect and pray…and rest at times! We all need it. I hope your Labor Day will be enjoyable!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Good point! This is also why I try to keep Sunday free from commitments. 🙂

Labor Day weekend was pretty good. My husband and I spent much of Saturday at a no-kill animal shelter. The rest of my time off, I split between catching up on correspondence and reading a trilogy.

The only downside to the weekend is our foster dog suffered some partial paralysis of his back legs. The vet thinks she’s found a solution.

long weekend Leonora home praise God

Sounds as if there are a few stories behind those words. Do tell!

long weekend – Monday is Labour Day and so we have a three day weekend.

Leonora home – Leonora asked to have Friday to Sunday off work as well as Monday, and was kindly given Saturday and Sunday off.

praise God – It’s nice to have Leonora home for three days in a row.

Thanks for the explanation. Make the most of your time together! If the weather holds, enjoy your time today at the park. 🙂

My week is going to be really busy at time and really relaxed at others. It’s all about finding balance 🙂

Agreed. Balance is everything!

You’re right–sometimes you just have to slow way down (without feeling guilty about it!) to get back on track. I have the same challenges! I hope you’re able to recharge your batteries this weekend!

So far so good! Yesterday my husband and I spent a few hours at one of my favorite spots, a no-kill shelter. We also visited a friend to snack, watch the first game of a new football season, and just hang out. Today I’m catching up on email and taking breaks to read. Tomorrow we have very few plans, except to have an extended couple date. 🙂

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