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Snapshot Meme: Our Foster Dog Returns!

Posted on: September 6, 2013

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Back at the end of May, I shared that my husband and I had been fostering an eleven-year-old Silky Terrier. For this week’s snapshot, I’m featuring our foster dog again.

In the spring, my husband and I thought that Gizmo was heading to his permanent home. Alas, as much as the new foster couple loved him, they also decided not to keep him.  Gizmo has a lot of health issues, as well as being highly energetic for a little senior dog, and so they felt he was too much for them to handle. Upon hearing their decision, my husband and I felt torn. Our cat hated Gizmo and so we felt another home would be better for him. At the same time, perhaps everyone else felt the same as one of our neighbors, “He’s a heartache waiting to happen.” For whatever reason, although others were stepping forward to become a temporary foster, no one was stepping forward to foster Gizmo for the long-term or to adopt him. When my husband and I returned from our annual summer vacation the end of our July, we decided to try fostering Gizmo again.


Before taking Gizmo back, my husband and I made some changes. Some changes were to the structure of our home. One, my husband made a bed for Gizmo which could be placed next to ours at night. This way, Lucy could continue to sleep with us at night, without risking being woken up at night by an aggressive dog. My husband also created a barrier which divided access to our living room. This way again, Lucy could more freely roam the house. The other changes were to our reactions. My husband and I we armed ourselves with some new training tools such as a clicker and a remote-controlled spray collar. The idea behind the clicker is we can train Gizmo to return to us when he hears it. As for the collar, when Gizmo reacts to Lucy, we push the remote, he gets sprayed, and of course he retreats. When all these began to work reasonably well, we started to talk about adoption.


Unfortunately, last week, Gizmo took a turn for the worse. As I indicated above, Gizmo has a lot of health issues. For those, he regularly takes multiple pills on a daily basis, but they also feel pretty routine. Then last week, he started having accidents inside and so we took him to the vet. She told us that Gizmo has kidney stones, for which there is little we can do, but he should be able to live with. And, on the heels of the accidents, he developed partial paralysis. Vet opinions have differed, but basically they agree he has injured his back. Now Gizmo is taking a few more pills. It’ll probably take a few weeks before we see substantial improvement, which means our main priority is getting him back to his so-called normal health. Trust me, lots of prayers are being sent upward!


8 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Our Foster Dog Returns!"

Gizmo is lucky to have found your home. I hope he’s on the mend.

Unfortunately, Gizmo continues to grow worse. 😦 He’s now fully paralyzed in the back legs. Tomorrow my husband and I are taking him to a specialist in a nearby city, with hopes that they can determine the exact cause of his back issue and offer positive solutions. Prayers are needed!

Such dedication to this little guy! You guys are saints!

So many rescues need home. We need a host of saints. 🙂

Allison – I love your book posts! I have nominated you for a Leibster Award! Check it out at: and pass it on if you can!

Thanks for the visit. Your compliment is most welcome!

As for the nomination, I have to decline. Not because I don’t appreciate it, but because I just received one this past summer. Someone else just as deserving will need to take my place. 🙂

Nice article, Allison. I’m including Gizmo in my prayers.

Thanks! It’s one of many tributes I hope to write about our boisterous foster dog. 🙂

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