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QUICK TAKE: Earth Angel by E. Van Lowe

Posted on: September 24, 2013

I read Earth Angel by E. Van Lowe about a year ago, with the intention of reviewing it here at Allison’s Book Bag. Somehow time got away from me and I never managed to review it, not even as part of my Current Reads Meme. Having chosen to highlight sequels this month, I reread Earth Angel, which is the follow-up to Boyfriend from Hell. Both are part of the paranormal romantic Fallen Angels Saga. I’m delighted to finally report that Earth Angel is as funny and endearing as its predecessor.

What makes Earth Angel stand up to a second reading? Foremost, it teems with positive relationships. Megan and her mom are close enough to have cherished routines. For example, on Saturdays they make supper together, watch movies, and talk about relationship. Then there’s Megan’s best friend, Maudrina. When the popular crowd suddenly starts liking Megan, not only does Megan continue to hang out with Maudrina, she even invites her to the cool-kid parties. As for the popular crowd, they’re not so bad either, which is a refreshing break from the stereotype. For example, when Megan is suspended one of the girls actually takes on the responsibility of bringing her homework. True, the act might not be completely altruistic, because Ashley wants to find out if Megan plans to squeal on the popular crowd for their participation in Explosion Day. Yet there is at least one scene in which Ashley and her clan are called upon to show courage if they intend to stay friends with Megan, and they bravely come through for her. Apart from all the positive relationships, Megan herself is also a positive role model. She’s smart enough to be in the math club, but also has normal teenage interests. While she might have super human powers, she never uses them for any reason but love. She’s all-round good American kid.

Why would anyone want to read a book full of so much sugar and spice? Well, Megan’s life is not exactly without woe. First, there’s the fact she’s a nerd, which makes her part of the “lower lives” at school. Second, as part of finally gaining acceptance into the popular crowd, Megan ditches school and ends up getting suspended. Third, Megan’s rebellion invokes wrath from her mom and threatens to rip apart their solid relationship. So far, this sounds like pretty typical teenage fare. Nonetheless, because of how normal and nice Megan is, all these everyday trials do make for an interesting read. So then to top of all her troubles, consider that Megan’s boyfriend is a fallen angel, who lost his place in heaven because he dared to love a mortal. Oh, and that Guy ends up getting kidnapped. To save her sweetheart, Megan will need to hand a powerful book of spells over to Beelzebub. Despite the references to heaven, hell, and angels, there is no effort here to tell a religious story. This is pure fantasy. Earth Angel is a light but impossible-to-put-down read.

Paranormal novels abound in today’s market. Many of them have the same ingredients as Earth Angel: positive relationships and role models, routine teenage drama, and of course supernatural beings. I’m convinced what makes Earth Angel so special is Lowe’s effective infusion of humor. There’s a scene halfway though Earth Angel in which Megan learns that her boyfriend was previously betrothed, which leaves her convinced she is drowning in grief: “My lungs were slowly filling with water, and I knew if I inhaled one more time I would surely die. So I stood where I was, holding onto my last precious breath….” Guy knows she’s being overly dramatic, as do we as readers, and even Megan eventually admits it. The whole scene is a delicious exaggeration that both made me hurt for Megan, yet also smile at her silliness. Whether or not you’re into paranormal young adult romances, the Fallen Angels Saga is charming enough to make it on your list of books to read.

My rating? Read it: Borrow from your library or a friend. It’s worth your time.

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[…] QUICK TAKE: Earth Angel by E. Van Lowe […]

I approved this ping, because it feels the cover for the fourth book in the Falling Angels series.

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