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Six-Word Saturday Meme #27

Posted on: October 12, 2013


Weekends are good; so is sleep

Yes, my life is still revolving around weekends. 🙂 That’s because for two days out of seven, my life might still contain lots of stress, but there’s also more time to breathe, relax, and SLEEP.

The thing about weekdays for my husband and me is if we get woken up in the middle of the night by sick pets, we still have to force ourselves out of bed when the alarm goes off. After all, there’s a day of work ahead. Once we’re out of bed, if it’s clear one of our pets needs vet care, then we somehow have to juggle dropping them off at the vet while also getting to our jobs on time.  Or one of us just might have to take a few hours off. Because teaching is a salaried job, there are routinely meetings which run past my normal workday hours. And because teaching is more of a career than a 9-5 position, I might have to squeeze time out of my evening to plan lessons and take care of other paperwork. To top of everything off, two of our pets need special foods, routine medication, and sometimes other forms of health care which need my husband and I to immediately handle. Weekdays for the past few months have felt like a nonstop race in our family from the time the alarm goes off to the time we collapse in bed.

However, when it comes to weekends, work can be put temporarily to the side. This means we can get sneak in some extra sleep. Take pets to the vet when it’s most convenient. Spend a little longer enjoying a book at lunch. Catch up on tasks. My husband might even play some video games. And I might catch up on some email. As for all those health issues, while these might still feel like a hassle, we feel a whole lot less rushed and hence a whole lot more calmer about dealing with them. And, even though the afternoon naps still haven’t happened, I do often make it to bed at a decent hour.

That’s my week. What about yours?


6 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday Meme #27"


This is the Thanksgiving Day weekend in Canada, where I live. It reminds me of the many things that I have to give thanks for. Those include my family, my friends, my home and possessions, my good health, and the chance to “minister” through my Open Theism blog and in the Life group that my wife and I attend. It’s a great life.

“That’s my week. What about yours?” The past week was similar to previous weeks. One difference was that our Life group was supposed to start up again during the week. Unfortunately only the host, hostess, my wife, and I turned up and so we postponed starting for another week. We’re going to spend at least three weeks looking at parts of Job before studying Roger Alcorn’s If God Is Good Why Does It Hurt? booklet. Another difference is that I ordered two books, Millard J. Erickson’s Christian Theology (the 3rd new edition of a popular systematic theology) and J. Rodman Williams’ Renewal Theology (a charismatic systematic theology), to help me in the study of systematic theology that I’m making in connection with our family’s reading of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology in our family Bible reading. I’m posting daily reports on our reading at my Open Theism blog.

Happy Thanksgiving! We won’t celebrate Thanksgiving until November here in the United States. However, October 12 is Columbus Day. And for my school district, it’s also fall break.

Thanks for sharing from your week. Too bad your Life Group didn’t start. I’m excited about your two new book purchases! Hopefully, you enjoy them. I also recently published two books, but mine were on Work-for-Hire. More news about these purchases later this fall!

All the best for continued success on your Open Theism blog. I’m slowly working through your series of posts on Systematic Theology and am looking forward to reading the group on the attributes of God.

i wrote about sleep this weekend, too. Isn’t it lovely! 🙂

Yes, it is! In fact, now I’m going to curl up with a book and go to sleep. 🙂

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