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Snapshot Meme: A Special Christmas Gift

Posted on: December 27, 2013

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. As some of my readers may be aware, I have been writing a novel over the past year. This post is about a unique and special Christmas gift my husband gave me to help me with my goal.

When it came time for my husband to finally give me his super-secret gift, he first spoke vaguely about the rationale behind it–without revealing what it was. Writing is a lonely endeavor. He wanted to reward me for my hard work and to encourage me in the months (and/or years) of work that remains. Writing is also an exercise in delayed gratification. He thought it’d help if I could glimpse the future–not the real future, of course, but a representation of it.

Then he told me to open my gift. It was a framed dust jacket for my novel in progress! If my novel is ever published, the publisher will naturally create its own dust jacket. Andy simply wanted me to see what my book COULD look like, to help me stay excited about my story throughout the revision process.


After my husband showed it to me, he spoke more specifically about the process of creating the dust jacket. He spent hours searching for stock photos of the right girl and the right bog. I think he succeeded. Seeing his gift is almost like seeing my book on the shelves, right down to the blurb he wrote on the back cover.

My gift now hangs on the wall in our library across from our computer. Whether my novel will ever be published remains to be seen, but no matter what the framed dust jacket represents my husband’s faith in me as an author. I love it!


17 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: A Special Christmas Gift"

Oh! Such a wonderful gift! So exciting to be closer to publication! Happy New Year!

I’m halfway through my second draft. It’s seen lots of interruptions, because of pet health. The framed dust jacket will motivate me to keep with the revision. 🙂 Happy New Year to you too!

What a thoughtful gift! I love it!

Wow, he is certainly a keeper! What a wonderful gift!

One of our Facebook friends awarded my husband with the prize of “Best Present Giver Christmas 2013”. I agree!

How wonderful! I would love to have someone do that for me! Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your home during Christmas.

That was so thoughtful of him. The cover looks amazing. Here’s Mine

Thanks! He also gave me the newest recordings of my favorite singers. I got spoiled. 🙂

What a wonderful gift!! Have a great day, Allison!

Thanks for your visit. Have a great day too!

What a thoughtful and creative gift. It must give you such a thrill to see it.

My husband’s gift made me cry. Even when everyone else started cleaning up from the unwrapping of gifts, I couldn’t stop looking at it.

What a great gift!

One of the best I’ve ever gotten!

The dust jacket was certainly a special Christmas gift, Allison. Congratulations on having such a loving husband, and best wishes in completing and getting published the novel that the dust jacket (or one like it) will grace.

Andy has now started to read my second draft. This takes me one step closer to the day when I’ll finally submit my novel to a publisher.

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