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Six-Word Saturday Meme #31

Posted on: December 28, 2013


Endings always come far too fast

This past year, two of our pets have died. The third and last of my guinea pigs died just before my graduate class in June. One morning Bumblebee woke up with her back legs paralyzed. Within a couple of weeks, she developed gastric stasis. Then one night she started to make strange sounds. I picked her up, held her for a short time, and she died in my arms. The house feels forever quieter without the squeaks of Bumblebee as she rearranged her cage.

Our precious cat of eight years, whom we adopted as a stray, took sick with kidney failure in December. When she was first diagnosed, I prayed for more time with Lucy. We were granted two more weeks, but she spent most of that time struggling with her health, and lost her fight the morning of December 22. While I count as special the one day that Lucy seemed to rebound and once again snuggled with me, even two years would not have been enough. Even as my husband and I look at adoptable cats, all I really want is for Lucy to be with me. Endings always come far too fast.

That’s my report for this week. What about yours?

6 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday Meme #31"

Sorry for your loss! Hope you find another cat soon.

My husband and I have been looking at cats at our local no-kill shelter. We’d like to get one during our vacation, so that we can give our new pet time to acclimate before we return to work.

I can’t say that I like this, but hope you find comfort with your new cat, if that is what you choose.

Lucy taught us the joy of having a cat in the house. My husband and I like the idea of getting a new cat while we’re still om vacation and can spend time helping her acclimate.

Oh dear–I know what this is like. Our pets are such furry little souls–they do truly help make a house a loving home. I hope your sadness will soon be replaced by all the wonderful memories you must have.

When I knew I was losing Lucy, I videotaped my talking with her and telling her about all our special times. It took a lot of cuts, because thinking about the happy moments kept making me cry. Even now, they still remind me of all that I’ve lost. I do hope though in January to create a tribute to Lucy. She brought me so much happiness, even if right now her loss only brings me sorrow, and I want to capture our time together.

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