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A Week of Stephen Miller

Posted on: December 31, 2013

Steven Miller’s life contains many honors. During his high school years, Miller won several statewide debate competitions and received high marks at statewide drama competitions. In university, he graduated with honors. Miller’s wife also her own accolades, being crowned Miss Payson at her high school.

Emblem of the Air Force Reserve Officer Traini...

Emblem of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps of the United States Air Force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His life is also well-rounded. In university, he studied languages, aerospace studies, and physics. After graduation, he joined the Air Force ROTC. Most recently, Miller completed his Masters in Business Administration.

During his service with the Air Force, Miller took on the simple act of telling a bedtime story to his children, which turned into the more complicated act of writing the rough draft of Captain Justo from the Planet Is. Miller took a break from it to publish a nonfiction guide. Because this publishing experience proved positive, he returned to the writing of his science fiction. After fifteen years in development, Captain Justo from the Planet Is was completed in the early winter months of 2008.

Since that time, Miller has continued to pursue creative ventures. He’s written music, scripted and produced a play, and now is working on a CD with his wife, a classically-trained vocalist. He also wrote The Santa Claus League, which is intended to be the first of a series. Miller has many adventures on the horizon!

This week of interviews and reviews should have been posted last week in time to celebrate Christmas. Due to the passing of our beloved cat Lucy on December 22, all my posts were postponed for a week. That’s why my Wednesday review is of a Christmas book.

Actually, the publishers themselves experienced a delay in shipping The Santa Claus League to reviewers. In appreciation for reviewer patience, they sent a free copy of Stephen Miller’s first book for young people: Captain Justo from the Planet of Is. I’ll review it on Saturday.

Nestled between those two reviews will be interviews with Stephen Miller, one sent to me as part of his publicity package and one which I held with him through email. Save the dates: January 1-4!

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