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Snapshot Meme: Lucy Crosses Rainbow Bridge

Posted on: January 17, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Every time I look at the below photo of our cat Lucy, I think of the words to the song, “What a Wonderful World”. Lucy has such a happy and contented look on her face. She must be thinking of the trees of green, skies of blue, and bright blessed days.


On December 22, we lost Lucy to unknown causes but at least partly due to kidney and heart issues. Her last two weeks were mostly ones of pain. I hope now she’s on Rainbow Bridge and thinking about faces of people, colors of a rainbow, and being loved.

This week’s posts at Allison’s Book Bag has been in memory her. I shared tidbits from the memoirs of Beverly Cleary, the author who wrote the last book that I read to Lucy. In addition, I reviewed Socks, which is a delightful cat story. Mid-week, I switched to writing about shelters, because Lucy came to us as a stray. There are millions of animals who today need a home. They can make the difference in your life that Lucy made to that of my husband and me. One gift she gave to us is the love of cats. So, I also wrote about our new cat, whom I’ll feature next week in my Saturday Snapshot. In addition, I’ll review Mutts Shelter Stories tomorrow, which is a beautiful tearjerker.

To find out more about Lucy, please follow the link to check out my tribute to her. And then go hug and play with your pet, because life will them will go too fast. We had eight years. It should have been eighty. But even that wouldn’t have been enough.

Lucy, you are missed.

17 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Lucy Crosses Rainbow Bridge"

[…] Lucy Crosses Rainbow Bridge […]

This is a pingback. I approved it because Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is an organization for whom I blog. The group recently posted a new tribute I wrote about Lucy.

I came over from the CKD Loss Group to see your photo of Lucy. I can feel the contentment and joy that was your experience with her. I just started a blog, and didn’t know about Snapshot Saturday. I put a photo of Milo into my very first blog post anyway! He’s at the bottom, where I dedicate my new business to his memory.

Thanks for your visit. I enjoyed reading about Chemistry Cats!

You might check out other memes too. Six-Word-Saturday is my other favorite.

Oh … I’m so sorry you lost your kitty friend! I still miss my little Penny cat … he has been gone a few months, but I still look for him first thing in the AM when I first wake up … so sad.

Sorry to hear of your Penny. After my last guinea pig died, it took me three months to stop thinking I heard her. Nowadays, my husband and I still mistake towels and other objects for our departed Lucy. Pets create such a strong presence in our lives.

So sorry for your loss. I have 4 cats in my house at the moment, so will give them all a special stroke in memory of Lucy.

That would be a very sweet gesture. 🙂

Thanks to everyone who took time to read about Lucy, enjoy her photos, and comment. I’ve enjoyed this week of celebrating her life.

I love the look on Lucy’s face…she truly adored her life, being loved, and enjoying the moments. Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

I like that you believed your cat enjoyed every minute of her life. We usually think our younger cat is thinking evil things, but I’m going to change that around. Sorry for your loss.Here’s Mine

Lucy had her cranky moments, but she also was very affectionate. I believe our new cat will be the same. 🙂

What a great way to honor her. My daughter and granddaughter lost their beloved Sugar last week. It has been a sad week for them too. Pets are so essential in our lives.

I’m sorry to hear about Sugar. Pets are family. Losing them hurts.

Oh so sorry! What a pretty cat. I bet she loved you very much.

She was a beautiful cat, and you have some beautiful photos to remember her by. My Snapshot is at

When I prepared our annual family newsletter, I dedicated two pages to Lucy and decided that wasn’t near enough. Hence, the scrapbook idea. I have so many photos of her!

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