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Pursuing Two Passions, Author Nick Hupton

Posted on: January 23, 2014

NickHupton_BioNick Hupton is pursuing two lifetime dreams, that of being a teacher and a writer. Born in Iowa, he still has family in Des Moines and feels connected to his Midwest roots.

Middle school was a positive experience for Hupton. He got good grades, performed well in sports, and had quite a few friends. He also got into his share of trouble, but nothing that went too far. Oh, and he went through a hippie stage in eighth grade. Meaning he grew out his hair, wore tie-dye shirts, and played drum in a band. Looking back, he still considers this a pretty cool time.

His love of tennis and small, liberal arts colleges led Hupton to Minnesota, where he graduated with degrees in English and Secondary Education. After establishing a teaching career, he decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies and Creative Writing. He considers this choice one of the best in his professional life, because his professors helped me realize his writing potential. An early draft of If I Know It’s Coming served as the synthesis project for his graduation, receiving the award for “Best Creative Synthesis” for the 2008 class.

Hupton’s experience as a middle and high school teacher has inspired much of his writing. In an interview with Jody Sparks, Hupton indicated that his books shows ideals and behaviors that he has witnessed countless times in the classroom by many different students. “I am constantly soaking in material for my writing while I teach.”

The bigger question is: When does he find time?” He teaches English, coaches the Varsity tennis team, and is a father to two young kids. Time isn’t a luxury. He writes “whenever there is a spare minute.”

According to his About Me, Hupton’s biggest joy is his family. Their support has allowed him to travel “down this long road that will hopefully continue for many miles.

Find out more about Nick Hupton tomorrow in my interview with him. Also return on Saturday for my review of his first book in a planned trilogy, The Ridge. Save the dates: January 24-25!

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