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Snapshot Meme: Our Newest Pet!

Posted on: January 24, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. On December 30, my husband and I introduced a new cat into our home. That means Cinder has been with our family for almost an entire month! Time to show her off with photos.


The first day at our place, Cinder made herself at home on top of our printer. Lucy never climbed up there. It’s nice that Cinder will make her own queenly mark. 🙂


For the first week, we kept Cinder in our library. She showed little nervousness. Instead, she listened eagerly for footsteps outside of the door. Whenever anyone came in the library, she’d immediately jump down to greet them.


One of the first traits we noticed about Cinder is she liked to play. Toy mouse are always great entertainment! She also likes danglers and plastic balls. With us, she enjoys a game of hide-and-seek or of chase.


When we allowed Cinder into our library, she decided to jump onto my doll bookcase. Here she is, wondering how in the world she’s going to get down. 🙂


The next room, Cinder got to explore was the living room. It didn’t take long for her to find the cat tower and the cat nip. She’s loving it! Unlike Lucy, she has yet to figure out how to climb from it to the TV to the plant shelf. Give her time. 🙂


Once in a while, Cinder condescends to lay down on cat bed beside me. I write in my journal or read and she stirs restlessly, waiting for the next activity.


Even the most active young cats do need their naps. This one maybe lasted five minutes. After a couple weeks, Cinder is at long last sleeping through the night. 🙂


17 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Our Newest Pet!"

She is so precious! I lover her coloring, I think Cinder is the perrrrfect name for her!

Cinder has lots of nicknames too: Button, Menace, Skeeter, Queen. 🙂

Lovely cat. Isn’t it funny how they all have their own individual ways.

Even our three guinea pigs had their own idiosyncrasies.

She’s such a pretty cat. I miss having a cat too, but one of my current dogs really hates cats and it would never work.

Our foster dog hates cats too. Over the past year, my husband has come up with some creative partitioning of our house to make the relationship work with Gizmo and our cat. Here’s one example:

Ohhh, I used to have a tortoise shell cat called Maisie. She was tortoise shell all over though with a pretty stripe on her nose. Your pics have made me miss her terribly.

Cinder is our first tortoise shell. She’s personality plus!

How long ago did you have Maisie? Sorry for your loss. 😦

I’m not really a cat person so is it wrong that I was more interested in trying to read the titles of the books on your bookshelves? 🙂

Totally natural! In fact, now you have me curious to know what books do show…. The left bookcase contains my husband’s eclectic collection. The right is my “hobby” shelf. Everything on it relates to designing, writing, and nature. I have six more bookcases and counting!

I was out looking for a new bookcase today, not bought one yet but trying to find one that matches the furniture we have. I want it for my non-fiction collections (mainly history) so I was looking for tall shelves! Half the fun will be deciding which books to move around!

Our library is maxed out in space. Even the closet has shelves which hold books. And downstairs I have several boxes with books. When my husband and I finally move into our own house, a bigger library will be priority. 🙂

That is a great plan, I have a very tidy partner so took to piling books on surfaces whilst simultaneously saying there is no room left on the bookshelf 😉

I sure miss having a cat!

I used to also have guinea pigs. They’re missed by me too!

May Cinder rule long and well in her queendom!

Cinder says thanks. 🙂

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