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An Obnoxious Version of A Facebook Survey

Posted on: January 30, 2014

A book for anyone who wants to say what they truly think about high school—Holly Kim is you and everyone you know in Since You Asked!

–Maureen Goo, Tweet Review

Maureen Goo grew up in a Los Angeles suburb surrounded by tons of cousins and books. In her bio, she describes herself as “bossy”. Beyond that, I could only find a couple of tidbits about her childhood. Her favorite books growing up were The entire Baby-Sitters Club series. To this day, Goo feels as if she knows those characters as if they’re flesh and blood friends. She told I Am A Reader that one of the best experiences of her life was to interview the author of the series, Ann M. Martin, for a magazine.

After college, Goo decided to pursue a career in book publishing. She earned a Master’s for it and then worked in the field, which taught her a lot about the industry. For example, although she loved knowing how books were made, her work as a graphic designer also taught her to care about how things look.

FacebookA few years ago, according to Bookshelves, Goo was filling out a Facebook survey and thought: “Wouldn’t it be funny if someone made a really obnoxious version of this?” Goo did just that, in the voice of a slightly antagonistic teenager who she channeled from her own teenage years. That voice ended up being the main character Holly. The first draft of Since You Asked included that survey, rather than a column, as the trigger for Holly getting her own newspaper column. Thanks to the success of Since You Asked, Goo is able to work at home, as does her husband who draws and writes screenplays for movies.

Not being morning person, Goo usually wakes up around 10 am. Her husband is already awake and has made her a cup of coffee. After she catches up on emails, tweets, blogs, and other social media, Goo digs into work. Because the couple both work from home, they usually take a lunch break together. After that, it’s back to the computer and work. Mid-afternoon, there’s another cup of coffee. This is also the part of day where she might head to the café, do some garden tasks, or run errands to wake herself up again. Then it’s back to working AGAIN. After the dinner meal, which Goo’s husband also cooks, works again. When work is finally done, she hangs out with friends or her husband and then reads before going to bed just after midnight. Goo describes her day to I Am A Reader as “boring,” but it probably sounds appealing to every aspiring author.

Today Goo and her husband live in Los Angeles with a very old cat. They enjoy eating a variety of food. When asked by I Am A Reader the unusual question of what meal she would order if on death row, Goo said Korean barbecue. With all the fixings: the thinly sliced beef with the dipping sauces, a bowl of cold noodle soup, kimchi, and lettuce. Goo and her husband also enjoy reading in the sun.

Return tomorrow for my interview with Maureen Goo. On Saturday, I’ll review Since You Asked. Save the dates: January 31-February 1!


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