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Snapshot Meme: Gizmo Forever With Us!

Posted on: February 21, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. This week, I’m posting an update on Gizmo. For those of you follow my blog, you might recall that Gizmo is a silky terrier senior whom my husband and I started fostering in December 2012. Six months later, due to his enmity with our cat, we gave up Gizmo to another foster family. They also found his care too much, and so after our June vacation, we took Gizmo back. This past month, Gizmo finally found his forever home—with us!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe most outstanding feature of Gizmo is how much he loves to play and go for walks. When he plays with his toys, he rips into them with full zest. Very few toys endure his tough teeth or his high energy.  The featured photo is of Gizmo with one of the only toys that has survived his tenacity. He also loves to do everything with passion. When he rough houses with my husband, Gizmo seems like a puppy. He growls, jumps, and excitedly whines. He also tries to play with our dog by bouncing around, but Barnaby just prefers to sit and endure the antics.

Gizmo_WalkGizmo gets no less excited about walks. For the first months of our having Gizmo, my husband and I sometimes had to both hold him to get on his halter. Over time, Gizmo has mellowed enough that one of us can handle the task. However, he still prances and excitedly whines the moment the leash comes out. On walks themselves, we limit how far we take him, but I think he would walk forever if he could. As an old dog, Gizmo does bumble and stumble about, but his desire to explore seems endless.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I said though, we initially took Gizmo on as a foster dog. Our resolution to stick to that decision grew stronger, when every encounter with our cat resulted in confrontations. Needless to say, when we took Gizmo back, we had to come up with creative ways to make both Gizmo and our cat feel at home. My husband made Gizmo a bed which would allow him to sleep near us, but also keep him confined to the bed at night. My husband also partitioned a small section of our living room, so that Gizmo could roam without stressing out our cat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShortly after taking Gizmo back, we also almost lost him. Gizmo suffered a herniated disc. In doing so, he lost the ability to move his back legs. After seeing a specialist, we found out Gizmo still had deep pain, and therefore could potentially recover. We gave Gizmo regular treatments of steroids, helped him exercise regularly, and prayed. The paralysis also had other side effects, such as a lot of accidents in the house. The journey to recovery has been long. Inside, Gizmo had to use a cart and later pet boots. For walks, we had to take him in a pet stroller. If not Gizmo’s sheer stubbornness, the outcome might have been different. Fortunately, he’s one strong-willed dog. Over the months, Gizmo made slow progress. Just this week, Gizmo went for his first walk since his injury.

Gizmo had already been eleven when we started to foster him. He came saddled with Cushings, which means issues with appetite and thirst and muscle control. Yet he has never let this disease get him down. He’s a rambunctious puppy at heart. During the time of Gizmo’s paralysis, we saw his demeanor change. We felt disheartened and regularly hoped to see the return of the spunky personality which had so enamored us. Although his eyesight and hearing are now almost gone, and naps seem more frequent, Gizmo does once again seem to love life. It’ll be our pleasure to make this little guy happy throughout the rest of his senior years.


16 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Gizmo Forever With Us!"

You guys are awesome! Lucky Gizmo!

What a lovely little dog. I love the photo of him out for a walk, and obviously really enjoying it.

One of our happiest moments this year has been getting to take Gizmo again for walks. He goes at a much slower pace, but soaks in everything and loves the outdoors.

I’m a huge dog lover, and your post brought tears to my eyes. Gizmo is a beautiful dog and so lucky to have you. I’m so happy that he’s recovering so well. My dog is getting older, losing her hearing and sight and it’s so hard to see.

I recently rescued a Chihuahua who had been abandoned, and placed her with a friend you had just lost his dog. It makes me so happy to see how much they love each other.

The last two dogs my dad and I had lived long enough to have dog who struggle with their senses. Choco would often bumble around the living room, because failing eyesight. My dad tried to keep close to him. Chuckles would often fail to hear when we called him for food or walks. Maybe this is why in his older years, he became less freaked out about noises and commotion.

He’s as lucky to have you as you are to have him. Great story.

Gizmo has added much to our lives. Thanks for the visit!

What a wonderful story. It’s so difficult for older pets to find a forever home, especially when they have health problems. Gizmo is one lucky dog!

I’ve seen so many animals who are old or who suffer from special needs end up dying in a shelter. It breaks my heart.

What a lovely story and photos. We have a rescue dog and he was pretty wild at first. But now he has settled down (somewhat!) and we can’t imagine life without him. Kudos to you for taking on a senior dog with health issues.

Friends of ours kept telling us that we would end up adopting Gizmo. We kept telling them that it wouldn’t work. I guess they knew best. 🙂

Kudos to you for taking on a rescue! There are so many companion animals who need a loving home.

What a great story! We have two rescue dogs and Mater (a beagle basset hound) is a bigger take on then we had planned, but he too has a forever home with us 🙂

We didn’t realize how much of a life-change Gizmo would bring to our lives when we first fostered him. NE No Kill did a pretty good job though of trying to help us work through the issues Gizmo had with cats and health. For the latter, they typically paid the bills, which is a reason that Gizmo got to see a specialist about his back legs. Support from a rescue organization can make a huge difference in how the experience works out. I’m glad Mateo found a forever home with you!

Wow, what big hearts you have. It is so hard to have an ailing pet. Glad he is doing better.

Years ago, neighbors gave a senior dog to my dad and I. Although he only lived three years, Coco forever gave me a soft spot for high-need pets. Senior pets can bring so much to ones life in such a short time.

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