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Six-Word Saturday Meme #38

Posted on: April 26, 2014


AKC agility trials, here we come!

My husband and our poodle, Barnaby, have now been involved in canine agility for about six years. If you don’t know what agility is, it’s basically running dogs through obstacle courses. They race through tunnels, leap over jumps, climb A-frames and dog walks, balance on teeter totters, and weave between poles. All this activity is good for a dog’s health. Because agility is a team sport, where the handler runs beside the dog and gives him commands, it can also lead to a unique bond.

Barnaby at the 2011 TDAA Petit Prix

Barnaby at the 2011 TDAA Petit Prix

Initially my husband and Barnaby stuck to competitions for small dogs, through the Teacup Agility Dog Association (TDAA). Having earned its highest title (that is, the first level of the highest title), about a year ago they switched to the American Kennel Club (AKC) venue. They’ve already moved up from Novice to Open (aka Intermediate) in Standard and Jumpers With Weaves. In Time2Beat, they’ve begun to accumulate points. This weekend, they also started participating in FAST.

That’s my week. What about yours?

8 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday Meme #38"

awww what a cutie and I bet it’s not only good for your dogs health, but makes him happy!

We just have to say the word “agility” and Barnaby will get excited. 🙂 The day he stops enjoying it, we know it’s time to retire.

That sounds like fun! I own dogs but have never trained them like that. I can see how they would enjoy it though. Barnaby is a beautiful dog. I love the agility shots!

There are so many fun activities that dogs can do. If not agility, there’s also obedience, flyball, tracking, and therapy. I bet your dogs would love one of them. 🙂

Good luck! Have fun!

This weekend so far, Barnaby has qualified in six events out of eight. He’s also earned three first place ribbons. Just today, Barnaby also moved up in Jumpers with Weaves from Open to Excellent.

That looks fun! i have known many involved in this, and they love it.

My husband is the main competitor, but I have taken a few classes and run a few times at trial. Agility made me nervous, but I also enjoyed it. 🙂

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