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Musings Meme: Current Reads #18

Posted on: April 28, 2014

MusingMondaysWhat are you reading right now?
What do you think of it?
Why did you chose it?

Disappointment can arise from dramatic situations such as a financial crisis, marital conflict, or emotional pain. It can also simply color mundane experiences such as losing one’s keys or getting stranded. The more we’re exposed to disappointment, the more we can begin to wonder: Where is God? And whenever I find myself asking this question, I turn to books such as Disappointment with God for answers.

Yancey says disappointment is what occurs when “the actual experience falls far short of what we anticipate”. Initially, he avoided writing on the topic, because he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s faith, which could potentially happen by focusing on the negative. While pondering the issue, Yancey met a graduate student, who helped drive and shape the focus of his book. The student had written his thesis on Job and asked Yancey to read it, but then later recanted his beliefs out of a feeling of disappointment with God.

Their discussions led Yancey to come up with three questions, which Christians often don’t voice:

  • Is God unfair?
  • Is God silent?
  • Is God hidden?

It also led Yancey on his own search, one that didn’t involve other Christians or even religious books. It simply involved reading through the entire Bible.

As a result of his reading, Yancey began to look at the disappointment issue in a different way. He started to wonder instead: What does it feel like to be God? The bulk of Disappointment with God addresses this question by looking at how God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit interact with mankind.

Finally, Yancey revisits his initial three questions to ask:

  • What happened when God was fair?
  • When God wasn’t silent?
  • When God showed himself?

After reading this book, and a companion volume Where is God When it Hurts?, I became an ardent fan of Yancey. I own pretty much every full-length book he has written. How does an author who has written on the controversial issue of theodicy become my favorite author? Well, the reality for a Christian is that God may just as often say NO to our prayers as YES. Along other Christian authors, who are willing to tackle the tough questions, Yancey helps me struggle through my doubts to find a stronger faith.

What is your current read?

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