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Snapshot Meme: Sixth Anniversary

Posted on: May 2, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. On April 19, my husband and I had an early celebration of our sixth anniversary. This week, my photos celebrate the highlight of our road trip.

My husband and I had been feeling the need to get out of the house and have an adventure. While looking at local grocery ads, Andy discovered that the Blue Bunny ice-cream company is nearby in Le Mars, Iowa.

More importantly, they have an ice-cream parlor. 🙂 Ah-ha! Naturally, we had to make the trip. Given that Le Mars is a three-hour road trip, we decided that we might as well make a day of it.

First stop was a bakery. I grew up with fond memories of my dad and I stopping at our local bakery, and not just buying bread, but also picking up tea biscuits or soft rolls or oatmeal cookies. We’d always sample the latter on our walk to other stores. So, I love bakeries!

Next stop was the big one: Le Mars! The ice-cream parlor wasn’t yet open for the day when we arrived and so made good use of our time by taking photos about town. Around town, we had been seeing ice-cream art in front of various businesses. At the visitor’s center, we discovered it was part of a public project and enjoyed snapping photos of the funky cones.







After looking at so many artsy cones designed in honor of Blue Bunny ice-cream, we were ready to sample the real thing. The ice-cream parlor was now open, but we built up our anticipation even further by first exploring the museum.




When we finally allowed ourselves to stop at the ice-cream parlor, the menu offered a plethora of choices. I wanted everything! We settled on sundaes in waffle cones. Can you say YUM?!


After our trip to Le Mars, everything else paled. It didn’t help that no flowers were in bloom yet at the park we visited. Nor was it season yet for a waterfall. Our one-hour visit consisted of seeing turkeys and a model train station. Then to make matters worse, the restaurant we had picked for our supper turned out to be closed. It’s a restaurant in a nearby town, and so one that we only rarely get to visit, and so that was a huge disappointment. Instead, we settled for a delicious sushi meal back in our hometown.


Thanks to my husband for an adventurous sixth anniversary! I loved the baked goods, the ice-cream, and the sushi. It was also invigorating to visit a small town, especially one bursting with personality. Here’s to many more special memories. 🙂


18 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Sixth Anniversary"

What a fun day! Loved seeing all the funky ice cream cones! Happy Anniversary!

Thanks! Next year, it’ll be funky…. 🙂

What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. I love Blue Bunny ice cream. My favorite flavor is Bunny Tracks, though Apple Pie runs a close second. I love the decorated cones around town. I’ve seen horses, and buffalo, and hippos, but never ice cream cones. Makes sense though, since it is Le Mars. Thanks for sharing the photos.

My favorite is Cow Tracks. I haven’t seen Apple Pie and will be looking for it!

Aren’t the cones awesome? I’ve seen cows and scarecrows too. Seeing them made me think my hometown (in Canada) should have fish. 🙂

What an exciting day out. The waffle icecream does look rather yummy.

Nothing like eating a sundae in an edible dish. 🙂

What a fun time! Love the ice cream art….but now I want some. Happy anniversary!

Here is my Saturday Snapshot.

It’s been hard to resist buying ice-cream since our anniversary outing. 🙂

I love Blue Bunny ice cream! It’s hard to find in Oregon, but I always have a scoop or two when I’m in the midwest!

My husband and I also love ice-cream from Bedford Farms in Massachusetts and Cows ice-cream in Prince Edward Island. So much ice-cream to try, not enough money to travel everywhere for it. 🙂

Our favorite is Blue Bell here in Texas. Happy you made this lovely pilgrimage.

If my husband and I are ever back in Texas, we’ll have to try Blue Bell ice-cream. 🙂

This looks like a terrific anniversary trip, even with the disappointments. Here’s Mine

The disappointments made the high moments even sweeter. 🙂

I want to visit here!

What felt most special about our visit to Le Mars is that we went for the Blue Bunny ice-cream, but actually enjoyed the whole visit to the town.

Happy Anniversary! Nice to make a day of your celebration. I like the ice-cream cones.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. Ice-cream is a favorite dessert for my husband and me, which means this was a lovely way to celebrate our special day. I wanted to have a shake too, but the ice-cream more than filled me. 🙂

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