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Six-Word Saturday Meme #39

Posted on: May 3, 2014


Friend has cancer, ailing pet: Pray!

A couple in our Bible Study group recently received the devastating news that he has a rare form of cancer. Their angst started a few months back when he got pneumonia and it didn’t go away after a few rounds of antibiotics. When they checked him into the hospital, tests revealed that there might be more going on than met the eye. Then this week they got the diagnosis: Pulmonary lymphomatoid granulomatosis. The doctors think it started as a virus, but aren’t sure how he got it. He’s going to need chemo treatment and eventually a bone marrow transplant. In addition, continuous fever and pain are associated with this illness. It’s go to a long and difficult road, with a lot of financial burden. Our church has already started regular prayer sessions and fundraising campaigns. I’m asking for my readers in the faith to lift my friends up in prayer.

Also, this week, our dog whom we recently adopted got diagnosed with pancreatitis. This is the same dog who has Cushings and is at least partially blind and deaf. For those of you who don’t want pancreatitis is I’ll start by explaining that the pancreas is part of the endocrine and digestive system, which is integral for the digestion of food. If the pancreas becomes inflamed, enzymes are forced into the abdominal area, where they begin to break down the fat and proteins of various organs.In other words, the body begins to digest itself. Right now, we’re treating the disease by putting Gizmo on a liquid-only diet, which will give his pancreas a rest. Obviously, what complicates everything is that Gizmo has a host of other conditions too, and so he could use a prayer too.

That’s my week. What about yours?


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Thanks everyone for your prayers and positive vibes! Rather than respond to individual posts, I’ll just add updates when there are ones.

Today the couple in our Bible Study group got a reprieve. He’s home for the weekend! They’ll savor every minute, before treatment begins. That will happen on Monday. Then I guess it’ll be one day at a time.

As for Gizmo, he received some injections for nausea and inflammation. He’s now on liquid-only diet and will be allowed to start eating small amounts of health food over the next food days. How long this plan will work, or if it even will, we don’t know but it’s the best plan for him.

Just an update….

The husband has now started chemo treatment and it’s brutal. On the positive side, he is able to have done it at our local hospital. Keep up the prayers! It’s going to be a long journey of faith and physical recovery.

I’m happy to report that Gizmo is back to his old self. He’s eating enough each day to maintain his weight. Pancreatisis can be caused by fatty foods, which can be a dilemma because Gizmo has his own ideas of what meals we should give him. This time though, we’re sticking to prescribed diet.

hope everyone improves soon! Best wishes.

Lifting up both in prayer.

Your friend and your dog have all my sympathy. I can’t imagine what it must be like to contend with all that in a country without a universal healthcare programme.

Being originally from Canada, I have to say that universal healthcare is one thing I badly miss. 🙂

Blimey, sending positive vibes to all


Prayers for all.

I am so sorry to read this. You and your loved ones are in my prayers.

My prayers are with you.

Sorry to hear about your friend and your dog. Praying!

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