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Interview with Sherry Frith

Posted on: May 6, 2014

Sherry FrithAfter Sherry Frith was diagnosed at the age of thirty-seven with Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia (ARVB), a rare genetic disease causes the heart to go out of rhythm with sporadic beats, her future was unknown. Today she lives day by day taking medication that helps stabilize her heart. All three of her children have also tested positive for the disease. Frith and her two oldest sons have had surgery to have an ICD (Internal Cardiac Defibrillator) inserted in their bodies and her youngest son will eventually need it. For now, he carries an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at all times.

Frith decided to turn her tragedy into something positive. As co-founder of Helping Hearts, Frith became committed to raising awareness of the importance of having automated external defibrillators in all the schools in public areas. She also made the decision to leave something behind for her boys, a book which explained their disease of cystic fibrosis in terms they could understand. Below is my interview with Frith about her book and her sons.

ALLISON: You wrote Sticky Icky Booger Bugs for your sons?

SHERRY: Yes, it was a story that was and still repeated today with reminding them that they have to do the required treatments to help with their quality of life.

ALLISON: What is your best family moment?

SHERRY: The most memorable vacation is when we flew to Hawaii for about ten days. The boys had a fantastic time and the salt helped relieve some of Kory’s sinus issues, which resulted in him not having to do his saline treatment 3-4 times a day.

ALLISON: How did you come up with the title?

SHERRY: I came up with the name Sticky Boogers at the time of them being diagnosed. It helped them to relate with the disease they have in terms they could understand. My friend Meladee Gardella, who edited the book came up with the Icky and Bugs. She thought it might appeal more as an eye catcher to the readers.

ALLISON: What is your primary job?

SHERRY: I am the CFO at a local concrete company in the town that we live in.

ALLISON: What was it like to write your first book?

SHERRY: Bitter sweet, because it is a related to 30, 000 plus children who battle this disease each year, including my own. It was a two-year process from the beginning of writing it to being published. I worked late nights and Sunday’s to complete the final edition.

ALLISON: What was their reaction of your sons to your book?

SHERRY: Since, Kory is the main character he loves it. Our lives revolve around their health, so Kory is use to attention and he takes it with a grin. Kevin is proud that I wrote the book and happy that he was only mentioned in the dedication page.

ALLISON: Your website states that the story lets both your sons “and other children with medical routines know that they are loved”. How has the public embraced you book?

SHERRY: The response is greater than I could have imagined. If the book has educated just one person, it has done its purpose. Children who have medical routines and depend on them for survival are the real heroes.

ALLISON: Your children are involved in sports. What is your favorite past time?

SHERRY: I do enjoy watching them play, however I also do like quiet time to myself. I am a simple person who enjoys simple things in life. I indulge in monthly manicure/pedicures and a bi-monthly hair salon visit. Amazing Grace Emulsion is my favorite indulgence.

ALLISON: What’s next?

SHERRY: I am working on another SIBB book to add to the first. Here is the CF web site and some of the latest drug news for CF patients: Kalydeco

Tomorrow I’ll post my review. Save the date: May 7!

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