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Four-Year Anniversary for Allison’s Book Bag!

Posted on: June 9, 2014

At age forty-something, I don’t always see myself as someone who is continuing to change. That seems like a description more often used of young people. Through four years of writing posts, however, my focus and intended audience for this blog have evolved.

This blog started as simply an expression of my love of books. Now it’s become a forum through which I can also express my passion for special needs, diversity, and animal rescue. Although my attempts to post reviews here my students never took root, I haven’t stopped seeking out ways to help my students become lifetime readers. For that reason, I often review books for and/or about struggling readers. Since starting my blog, I’ve joined our district’s local multicultural committee, whereby I seek selections from less-often represented countries to review. I’ve also begun regularly reading books about our furry friends, posting reviews both here and in our local dog club newsletter. Members of our club have even started making suggestions for what I might next read!

The original but short-lived intended audience for my blog were my students. Now my audience has broadened to include those whom I network with through memes, authors whom I stay in contact with after interviews, and…. really anyone who appreciates books for young people. My favorite memes are the weekend ones: Saturday Snapshot and Six-Word Saturday. I also enjoy adding my input to Current Reads and Wishlist Reads. Some authors have become my Facebook friends. Just as many tend to remember me when a new book of theirs comes out. As for the last audience, according to various news reports there are quite a few people out there just like me. In other words, those who are older in their body but youthful in heart. 🙂

Something else has changed too about my blog. Within my first year, authors expressed appreciation to me for creating teasers for when I featured their books. I myself enjoyed the opportunity to discover some of their biographical info. While I still research and report on the background of almost every author I profile, I’ve also started to mix up features. When a topic of a featured book inspires me, I write a personal piece about it. At other times, I whip up a supplementary educational article to provide readers with extra facts. Of course, supplements take time, which is why I also continue to play with the schedule for my posts.

As my own writing continues to develop, I’m sure my blog will stretch in other ways too. Already I have a round-up planned for July of realistic middle-school fiction, as part of research for my novel. It’ll be interesting to see what the future will hold. Please continue to join me in making this an online community of readers. 🙂

4 Responses to "Four-Year Anniversary for Allison’s Book Bag!"

Congratulations, Allison, on the first four years of Allison’s Book Bag. Thanks for the inspiration it provided to me to start my own blog. Continued best wishes with it and with your other writing.

I’ve enjoyed seeing your blog grow and reading your posts as part of my weekly Bible Study. May Open Theism also have many years ahead and to serve as a continual blessing for its readers.

It’s so good to find another 40 something blogger. I was starting to think I was the only one. My sister’s blog (Darcy’s Dime) started a Six-Word Saturday because of your blog. How awesome is that! She is the one who told me all about your wonderful spot here. I really love all of the creativity.

Wow! It’s very awesome that my blog encouraged your sister to participate in Six-Word-Saturday.

Actually, it’s through meme participation that I’ve discovered there are at least a few of us 40-something bloggers. I hope you and your sister enjoy participating in them.

Thanks for the compliment on my blog! I try to post features visitors will like, while also of course pursuing my personal passions.

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