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Snapshot Meme: My Sister Graduates High School

Posted on: July 19, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Andy and I spent the month of June in Newfoundland with my family. For the next few weeks here, photos will be dedicated to that trip. To start, I’m posting photos from my sister’s high school graduation.


Prior to the start of all the celebrations, my step-mom filled her entire car with balloons brought to celebrate Shekinah’s big moment.


Along with other parents, Leonora prepared sandwiches and treats for the recessional meal.


Shekinah received her diploma!


At the end of the cap and gown ceremony, there were many posed photos.


The next day, the graduation activities continued. The local Sobeys supermarket generously celebrated their graduating employees and children of employees with flowers and a tote bag.


In the evening, we all attended the grand march. One of the dances was with a parent.


At the end of the grand march, there were also many posed photos.


Before Andy and I head to Deer Lake to catch our flight home, Shekinah cut her graduation cake so that we could have a piece .

16 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: My Sister Graduates High School"

What a lovely family event.

My husband and I were happy to share in my sister’s big moment.

What a great celebration with lovely photo memories.

Thanks! It was a memorable couple of days.

This looks like a lovely celebration of a landmark event. Congratulations to Shekinah!
My Saturday Snapshot post features quilts.

Thanks for dropping by! I enjoyed seeing photos of your quilts.

Fun! That cake looks amazing!

I’m glad Shekinah cut a piece before we left. It tasted just as good as it looks. 🙂

Looks like a thorough celebration of graduation. Congrats to her. Here’s Mine

Back in my day, we had one day of celebrations. 🙂

Nice selection of photos! It was nice having Andy and you here for Shekinah’s graduation.

Thanks! Andy and I are also working on videos for Shekinah to keep.

Looks like it was a fun event.

I’m sure the graduates were on a high for days. 🙂

Fun times!

The perfect end to our vacation!

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