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Snapshot Meme: Twillingate

Posted on: August 2, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. While Andy and I visited my family in Newfoundland, we took a road trip to one of its small islands known as Twillingate.  It turned out to be perfect time to go. Last year, Twillingate had almost no icebergs at all. In contrast, this year, Twillingate had the most they had had in the past fifteen years. Naturally, my photos are all of icebergs.


Icebergs3As you can see, some of the icebergs were mammoth and others not so big. Some were close and others were scattered abroad. Last, some were intact and others have broken into smaller pieces. Technically, the latter are known as growlers.



Mostly, I took broad shots, but I also zoomed close to some so I could see their details. One of the locals told said that the white ones were newer and the tinged ones were older.

Iceberg_TrioThis is one of my favorite photos. The two larger icebergs make me think of protective parents, while the smaller one seems like a baby nestled between them.


I also liked these, partly because of their swan-like shapes and partly because they were close to shore. At French Bench, Andy and I got to touch real icebergs!

Iceberg_TasteAnd eat them. 🙂

Iceberg_SitAnd sit on them. 🙂

Twillingate_PoseMy dad and my brother joined Andy and me on our outing. A good time was had by all! (I’m missing from the shot, because I’m the photographer.)

14 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Twillingate"

I’ve never actually seen an iceberg in real person. I’d love to but it makes me sad about global warming.

Icebergs used to fill the coasts of Newfoundland long before global warming. For me, not having icebergs would be a worst sign. 😦

Oh wow…thanks for sharing! I have it in my mind that Newfoundland is a very mystical place (I’ve never been there), and your pictures definitely support that!

There is no place in the world like Newfoundland. 🙂 That said, summer is probably the best time to visit!

WOW these photos are exotic! And what a surprise (pardon my ignorance) that they were taken right in my country. Thanks for sharing such an extraordinary trip.

My husband and have gotten fairly familiar with Eastern Canada, but there is a lot of beauty we still have to see on the West side. One day!

As I study the icebergs while sitting here in my hot Central Valley city, I am feeling cooler already. Thanks!


🙂 Cooler is good.

Love your photos. We saw icebergs on an Alaska cruise several years ago and were amazed by their blue tinge. I’d love to be able to see one up close like you did. Looks like your side trip was a lot of fun.

Because my husband and I flew this year to Newfoundland, we almost skipped on taking a road trip. We’re both glad that at the last minute, we decided to make it happen. 🙂

WOW! I’ve never heard of Twillingate before, but now I really want to go. I had to google the location to work out how you went on a “road trip” to an island- I understand now- it must be a spectacular drive on and off the various islands to get there. I went to a remote island with my Saturday Snapshots today too.

To me, a drive most anywhere in Newfoundland is spectacular. Of course, I’m biased. 🙂

Should you ever get to visit Newfoundland, plan to spend at least a week. A month would be better. Or just plan on making more than one visit. 🙂

A nice selection of photos, Allison! I like your comments on them and agree that a good time was had by all.

Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you were able to go with Andy and me to Twillingate. It will be a treasured memory.

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