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Six-Word Saturday Meme #46

Posted on: August 9, 2014


Much-needed break over; Teaching ahead!

I loved my summer. How about you?

The month of June, Andy and I spent in my home province of Newfoundland, Canada. I’ve already posted a few times about my adventures there, but to recap the highlights were celebrating my sister’s high school graduation and my brother’s transition graduation. I also loved being able to for the first time in years spend both his birthday and Father’s Day with my dad. Other activities included walks about town, on the trails, and in the bog. The latter was mostly for the sake of research for my novel. There was also lots of time for playing games and reading books.

Three weeks later, Andy and I returned back to Nebraska. I haven’t really posted yet about our adventures. Andy had to work, but I got to dedicate my days to all things writing. Mostly, this meant writing scenes for my novel or researching the setting. However, I also set up notebooks in Evernote, databases in AskSam, and spreadsheets in Excel. I also began work on a newsletter for a local rescue group. Other activities were going to a Paul McCartney concert, catching up with friends, and watching classic movies outdoors on a big screen.

In past summers, I have used one month to take summer classes. It was nifty that this July, I could wake up each Monday and know that another full week of freedom still lay ahead of me.  That happened five whole times!

Then August came and I knew that instead another teaching year was around the corner. Already I have attended three days of meetings, finished organizing my classroom, and started working on a schedule. As a teacher friend of mine is fond of saying, “Here we go!”

That’s my week. What about yours?


4 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday Meme #46"

Seems like the school year gets earlier every year! Wishing you a great year ahead!

Back in my home province of Newfoundland, students don’t return to school until after Labor Day. It feels weird here to be indoors teaching with the warm summer sun still beating down outside.

I hope your break was wonderful, and that your teaching year will be, too!

The same to you! I hope your job is holding steady. 🙂

My summer break was the best in a long time! Of course, this made it all the harder to return to work.

So far, so good with the new teaching year. I have a variety of classes to teach and am about ready to start pulling students.

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