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Interview with Ace/Angelina Hansen

Posted on: September 1, 2014

“Ace Hansen doesn’t pass green gas….” This is how the typical biography starts for the author of Julius Caesar and the Green Gas Mystery, the book which I’ll review here tomorrow. Save the date: September 2!

Angelina Hansen grew up in a household of boys and knows all about deadly stinkers, tree houses, and scary neighbors. This childhood in part helped give Hansen her wacky sense of humor. She believes herself to be influenced by all of Roald Dahl’s books and wholeheartedly recommends those books!

An established author of young adult historical novels, Hansen wrote Julius Caesar Brown and the Green Gas Mystery in record time of three months. The favorite part of writing for her is when an idea pops into her head. A breath-mint commercial inspired her humorous middle-grade novel, which has been published under the alias of Ace Hansen.



Angelina Hansen

ALLISON: What is a favorite moment shared with your brothers?

ANGELINA: Running away from home in the wee hours of the morning—sunrise. Took my stuffed rabbit. That’s it. We made it all the way to the field behind our house. Then they changed their minds.

ALLISON: When is a time when you wished for a sister?

ANGELINA: From the moment I learned that sisters existed.

ALLISON: What is the best dating advice your brothers ever offered?

ANGELINA: No advice. But all my friends had crushes on my brothers.

ALLISON: When is a time you were most misunderstood by your brothers?

ANGELINA: When they left home and complained that my parents were spoiling me rotten. It wasn’t my fault!

ALLISON: Why did you become an author?

ANGELINA: I needed a creative challenge. ^+^


ALLISON:Previously, you have written serious young adult stuff. Why the switch to middle grade humor?

ANGELINA: Needed a comic break.

ALLISON: You’ve also written historical novels, which of course would be highly based on research. How easy or difficult was it transitioning to fantasy or stuff based on pure imagination?

ANGELINA: I had so much fun writing this book! However, I did quite a bit of research. One needs a plausible solution to a green gas crisis, right?

ALLISON: At book signings, you have dressed up as an alien. Interviews often tend to be with the sassy alien. What’s been the most fun about this type of promo?


Ace Hansen

ANGELINA: The ability to act out as a sassy alien. My inner boy child has a blast! Any embarrassing moments? Well, Ace is a boy and one kid asked me why I sounded like a girl. I had to think fast—I told him that on my planet boys sound like girls and girls sound like boys! Oh, and someone once pointed out that I had “panty lines.”

ALLISON: If your characters were to promote Julius Caesar Brown, what would they say?

ANGELINA: I don’t know, but I sure wish I could get them involved in marketing and promotion!

ALLISON:If you were to do a mash-up, where characters from your other novels and from Julius Caesar Brown met, what might happen?

ANGELINA: My young adults might finally loosen up and have some fun. ^+^


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