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Snapshot Meme: Gizmo Sees His Former Owners

Posted on: September 20, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. At the start of this year, Andy and I shared the news that we had adopted our foster dog Gizmo. Since that time, we’ve had many adventures with him and so it seemed time to share new photos.

Some of you might remember that a year ago, Gizmo scared us when he stopped being able to walk. Because he still feeling in his legs, surgery wasn’t recommended. Instead we got him some wheels! When Gizmo began to recover, we switched him over to boots. Eventually, we also put mats down on our floors so he wouldn’t slip. Finally, we started using a stroller for outings and long walks. The stroller got Gizmo into the Journal Star! His three-minutes of fame. 🙂



Even though Gizmo isn’t a lapdog, he loves to be close to his humans. His most special human is Andy, although Gizmo sometimes curls up beside me. We now consider Gizmo part of the family. He goes with us to Andy’s family’s home for weekly visits. This past Christmas, they even gave him own blanket. I wonder what’s on Gizmo’s list for this year?

Gizmo_BlanketGizmo has his funny ways. For example, he has a particular fondness for hiding bones in our gloves and shoes by the door. Gizmo also likes to knock food out of his dish.



As for this fall, Labor Day weekend started with a trip out for ice-cream. Just recently, we loaded up all our pets and took them with us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a local No-Kill shelter. One of Gizmos’ most unique encounters was with a pig!



This summer, Gizmo had a different event in his life. This special lady, Denise, came to visit Gizmo. Long story short, Denise’s mom used to own Gizmo. Then she got sick and couldn’t keep him. Nor could Denise. It is because Denise cared enough about Gizmo to bring him to NE No Kill that we have him in our life. Andy and I appreciated that this summer both Denise and her mom got to see Gizmo again.


16 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Gizmo Sees His Former Owners"

What a special dog!

Thanks for the visit. Gimzo says: WOOF!

What a characterful little dog Gizmo is. My cats like to sit on my husband more than on me, which I think is because he moves less.

My Lucy cat preferred to sit with my husband while watching TV because he could keep his legs longer than me. She snuggled with me though while I typed and while I slept.

An entertaining and well-illustrated tribute to Gizmo. May he enjoy many more years with Andy and you!

The other critters are a tad bit jealous. 😉 I might have to create new pages for them soon too!

Thanks for sharing your Gizmo photos. What a terrific story! Our dog Rufus is a rescue dog too.
Sandy @Texas Twang

Thanks! Good to hear your dog is from rescue. There are so many who need homes. 🙂

Glad you adopted Gizmo. We have just taken custody of my husband’s mother’s dog, Emma. She passed away in mid June and my DH had been walking her 2x a day while she live with his mom at an independent living facility in our neighborhood. Emma is doing well, She is a 12 year old Shih tzu.

I’m glad you were able to take in Emma. A growing pet need these days seems to be caring for those companions whose owners become ill.

What a wonderful story, and the reunion was a great idea. Thanks for sharing Gizmo’s adorable adventures. Here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

Sadly, Gizmo’s original owner died the week after seeing Gizmo and his photo album.

He’s cute!

My husband says Gizmo wiggles like R2D2. 🙂

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