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Snapshot Meme: Bonding with Cinder

Posted on: November 22, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. As part of my round-up this month, I’ve been reviewing books about cats. Thus, it seemed appropriate to update you on Cinder.


You might remember Cinder came into our family’s life on December 30, 2013. She brought a wild zest for life. Danglers continue to be a favorite, no matter how high we make her climb to catch them. 🙂 We also recently bought her some cat nip toys.



When Cinder first came into our life, we restricted her to one room. Once she became accustomed to being with us, we allowed her access to the rest of our house, and she discovered favorite spots.



After living with Lucy for eight years, I had grown used to having a cat snuggle with me. It’s taken me time to realize that Cinder will have her own personality. She might prefer more independence. No matter what, she’ll need to learn to trust me. So, I count as special each time that Cinder seeks out my touch.





16 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Bonding with Cinder"

Lovely photos. Our original cat was a disabled tabby – he was born with nerve damage, and couldn’t move around properly, but it didn’t stop him trying to do things. He was a real character and very loving. But our last cat was a big ginger bully who preferred to be outside. My Snapshot, which is very late, is at

Thanks for your visit! I’m off now to your blog…. 🙂

I also had a tortoise-shell cat that was very independant. It took her years to show physical displays of affection – my patience was rewarded in small doses too!!

Since reading your comment, I’ve been researching tortoiseshell again. It seems as if they’re playful, mischievous, and loyal. They can also take time to warm up. Sounds about right!

What a very pretty cat. I have two (mother and daughter), but even so they have very different personalities.

Having a mother and daughter cat pair would be fun!

Our rescue dog is eight years old and has just recently consented to snuggle on my lap. (My husband is the alpha in our pack.) However, we’ve enjoyed Rufus’s perky and independent personality. It’s amazing how much joy pets can add to your life, isn’t it?

Our rescue dog also views my husband as the alpha, despite previously belonging to female owners. I count it as special the days when he tucks his head against my side. Otherwise, like you, I admire our rescue dog’s quirky and stubborn ways. Pets are awesome family members!

Cinder seems to have settled in well. 🙂

Right now, Cinder is resting in her bed next to our computer table. She does seem happy!

Sweet! I have dogs and feel the same way about them.

Our family also consists of two dogs. Once upon a time, we also had guinea pigs!

You are so correct when you say that each animal has its own personality. I’m glad she has warmed up to you.

Sean at His and Her Hobbies

I still miss having a cat curl up on my lap, but…. Cinder has her own charms. 🙂

They do all have their own personality and ways don’t they? She looks adorable. I really miss having a cat. But one of my dogs really hates cats, it wouldn’t be possible. Enjoy your kitty time.

We also have a dog who hates cats. Seriously, if he even sniffs the scent of a cat, Gizmo begins to grump. However, it does take the right situation. Gizmo is blind and so only has set times when he can roam the house. During those times, Cinder knows how to make herself invisible. 😉

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