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Snapshot Meme: Wolves and Bears

Posted on: November 29, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. A couple of weeks ago, I posted photos of sandhill cranes from Wildlife Safari Park. At the time, I noted that even after weeding I had dozens of worthy photos. For example, there are my snapshots of the bears and the wolves. 🙂

Twelve-year-old sisters Cinnabuns and Licorice, are the American Black Bears on exhibit in Wolf Canyon at our local safari park.



Both bears are trained by keepers daily in an off-exhibit holding area. There, keepers can perform medical procedures and give body inspections to see if there are any health concerns. For enrichment, keepers will drill holes in logs and fill them with honey or give the bears ice blocks filled with fish. The bears’ favorite treats are honey and hard nuts.



Wolf Canyon is home to six grey wolves. Three males: Kenai, Kiowa and Shoshone. And, three females: Yazhi, Cheyenne and Lightning.


My two favorite times to visit them are when they are fed and when there is a wolf howl. The wolves are fed a carnivore diet of processed meat and bones every day. In their daily training, they receive rewards of trout and as special treats, hard-boiled eggs.Moments like these, I wish I were a keeper.

Perhaps because of their connection to dogs, wolves are my favorite wild animal. I visit them every opportunity that I can.





16 Responses to "Snapshot Meme: Wolves and Bears"

I always feel somewhat sad about bears in captivity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wolves in captivity before. Odd to see the wolf rolling in the dirt- I’ve never seen one do that.

As I noted in an earlier comment, what I like about safaris are that the animals are in a somewhat natural environment. I have seen wild animals in cages and those I can’t ever stand to watch. 😦

Great pictures! I love going to our zoo here in North Carolina and photographing the animals.

Speaking of zoos, my husband and I need to revisit ours. We were surprised recently to discover our last zoo photos are from over five years ago.

I like the bears, but I love the wolves. My children are both a bit obsessed with huskies, and we seem to see more and more of them around us as pets. The wolves have such amazing eyes.

I enjoy both too, but wolves have been a favorite animal since a child. Getting to take close-ups is always a remarkable experience for me.

Beautiful photos of beautiful creatures. You did a great job of capturing the personalities of the wolves and bears in your photos. Nice.

I could photograph animals all day long. 🙂

The brown bear is beautiful … I don’t normally like zoos or safari parks or any place where animals are held captive… it makes me feel nervous for them. I appreciate the photos, though!

What I like about safaris are that the animals are in a natural environment, even if it’s not endless. Also, some of the animals such as the eagles are rescues which couldn’t survive in the wild.

Bears in a safari? I think the park is misnamed. Ha!

You got me wondering…. Apparently, safari used to mean a big game hunt, mostly in Africa. Nowadays, it just means a place to observe and photograph wildlife.

Amazing shots! Thanks for sharing. I haven’t seen any bears or wolves in a long while. Visiting national parks brought them out on occasion. I haven’t ever been to a wildlife safari park…interesting facts and fun tidbits.


Besides seeing the wolves at feeding time, another incredible experience has been getting to hear them howl. If you ever have the opportunity, it’s not one to be missed!

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