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Six-Word Saturday #52

Posted on: December 13, 2014


Moved into new room at school

In everyone’s life must come a little stress. The newest angst for me has been changing rooms at school. It took me a few hours to locate my basic supplies and setup bulletin boards in my new space.

How did this move come about? Our school is being painted! Each class has been relocating to my old room, which is centrally-located, whenever their room is scheduled to be painted.

As for me, I’ve been moved to a room at the end of the school. The downsides are my new space lacks a sink and a sharpener. Also, it holds a photocopier, microwave, and fridge. That means, teachers often come into the room during the day. The positives are that I’ve gotten to better know the teachers on that side of the hall. Also, it’s pretty nice having a photocopier right in my room!

After a week, my students and I have gotten used to the situation. Now we’re just all stressed out about end-of-semester tests!

That’s my week. What about yours?

10 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #52"

It’s hard to have lots of interruptions (you would hope that other staff would be thoughtful about this) but nice to get to know colleagues a bit better. 🙂

The staff actually interrupt me less than my students.

You are one busy bee!

Vacation is looking real good right about now.

Looks like you have made lemonade from the lemons.

Well, I do like lemonade. 😉

Good to look at the positive side of this.☺

My tendency is to see the half-empty glass, but…. There are times when I realize there’s nothing to be gained by stressing out.

All the interruptions would be stressful for me. We are moving our entire office for the third time in 18 months on Tuesday and Wednesday of course this was just decided last week, so nothing like a little added stress to the already blooming Christmastime stress… Wishing you luck with the tests!

Never rains but it pours, right? 🙂

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