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Snapshot Meme #57: Pet Eyes!

Posted on: December 20, 2014

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Every week, my husband and I set aside one day as our date night. For a time, we just planned together what to do. Often that amounted to watching television. 🙂

Recently, we decided to take turns planning our date nights. When Andy’s turn came, inspired by an online photo gallery, he suggested the unique activity of creating paper eyes for our pets.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmazingly, Cinder was the most patient. She held a pose three times for me. And then again three times for Andy. She even let him try a mouth on her!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur normally tolerant poodle was less cooperative. We used obedience training against Barnaby and told him: “STAY!” He posed four times for Andy. All those dollars and hours on classes were well spent. 🙂 



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs for Gizmo, he doesn’t like cameras. Even so, we thought with his eyes covered, he might let us take his photo. Think again! The photos show him trying to snap at the paper. Gizmo had no interest in our little game. 😦 Andy kind of managed to get close.


Finally, we let the pets say “Good night”. If you try this at home, post your creations!

16 Responses to "Snapshot Meme #57: Pet Eyes!"

Too fun! We are owned by one cat and one dog. I am pretty sure they would never “sit still” for this activity.

To make up for it, on our next date night, Andy and I did tricks with the critters. Anything involving rewards works!

Ha ha! That’s great….my cat, however, would never let us do that!

I thought surely Cinder wouldn’t let us either. She constantly surprises us with her tolerance. I’m even able to clean her teeth, something which wouldn’t have worked with our first cat. 😦

What a cute idea. Perhaps they should have little sets of glasses.

I’m pretty sure our dog wouldn’t sit still for this but would snap at the paper (and my fingers) like Gizmo did. I’d have to wear a metal gauntlet if I tried it! But I’ll bet you and your husband had lots of fun creating these photos, even if your pets were less enthusiastic.
My Saturday Snapshots are HERE.

Yes, I think the humans here had far more fun than the critters. 🙂 Andy actually had to tear me away from our art creations, so that we could go onto other date night activities.

Ha-ha, what fun, and how cute! Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

Off to visit your post. I always enjoy the family albums.

What a fun idea. Our dogs always go a bit weird with cameras, they would all turn out like dog shaming I think.

Shaming photos can be fun too. 😉

I had never thought of doing this but it looks like fun. I don’t think our furry beast would be too cooperative as he is not a fan of the camera either.

Sean at His and Her Hobbies

To take a photo of Gizmo, I have to get the camera all ready to shoot, flash it his way, and hope he doesn’t move when I snap.

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