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Six-Word Saturday #56

Posted on: January 10, 2015


Hate the cycles when I’m tired

My body tends to go in cycles. I have spells of being energetic and productive. Those are the times when I can read into the wee hours, write multiple pages on my novel, create innovative lessons, and chat my husband’s ear off. Then there are the spells of being drained and ineffective. Those are the times when one social in a week feels like too much, one task makes me yearn for bed, and my mind feels like a fog. That’s been this week. Sigh.

That’s my week. What about yours?


16 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #56"

you are recharging your batteries!

I think your body needs some recovery time after all the activity.

Maybe one day I’ll learn to be a more even-keeled person. You know, the type who can work a little, rest a little…. Or maybe I just need to become more content about the rest periods.

This cold weather would cycle anyone into being tired.

Hot weather can also make me tired. 😦

Be glad the cycles do continue…

You make a good point.

I’m still waiting for the up cycle…

Maybe the down cycles are supposed to teach us patience? 😉

I feel you on that, I’m dragging today, best wishes for more energy soon! 🙂

It’s those cycles that make us really enjoy the others!

We’re in synch, then.

Just been to visit your blog. Yes, we have been in sync. 🙂

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