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Posted on: January 13, 2015

Connie Schofield-Morrison and Frank Morrison have teamed up for the first time to capture the rhythm of the neighborhood in a picture book called I Got The Rhythm. They live in Atlanta with their five children.

ConnieMorrisonSince she was a young girl, Connie has been reading and writing poetry, songs, and fairy tales. At the age of 19, Connie married her high school sweetheart Frank D. Morrison. In 1999, the couple started an online art gallery together, Morrison Graphics. Later, in 2005, the two opened it as a physical gallery in the Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta, Georgia. Today Frank paints and illustrates, while Connie takes care of the business, their home, and  their children. Biographies about her state that Connie is inspired every day by the big sounds and bright colors of the world around her. I Got the Rhythm is her first picture book and an affirmation that a dream can become a reality.

FrankMorrisonFrank grew up in New Jersey where, according to his Children Kissed by the Sun, he was enthused by activities, fads, and interests which marked his world: the neighborhood D.J’s with their followers and fans at neighborhood parties, the colorful ‘tags’ of local characters which were splashed across fences, parks and buildings, and the loose-jointed “B” boys and break-dancers who enlivened party scenes. Frank became a regular with various dance crews, touring with them, until one day he visited The Louvre Museum in Paris and “met his Muse”. What he saw there consumed him. Upon returning to New York, Frank frequented local museums and galleries. He also began to develop his own expressive style, craft his first portfolio, and market his artwork. Since that time, he has become an award-winning illustrator of many books for children.

Reading.Org hosts an interview between the two of them. From it, you can learn insightful tidbits such as the main character of I Got The Rhythm is a reflection of Connie. However, Connie also modeled the character to be every little girl, mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, friend, etc. Another tidbit is that Frank usually takes three months to finish a picture book. For I Got the Rhythm, he used oil paints on canvas. Check it out!

Then return here tomorrow, where I’ll review I Got The Rhythm. Save the date: January 14!


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