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Six-Word Saturday #57

Posted on: January 17, 2015


Week of sick dogs and husband

It’s been a long week. Our dog, Barnaby, is starting to show his age. Already this fall, he’s been to the vet for arthritis and issues related to muscles. As for our adopted dog, Gizmo, has been sick with an infection. This isn’t his first instance of it, but it was one of the worst bouts. Then there’s my husband. At first, we thought he might have the flu–despite getting a shot. Now we think it was food poisoning, even though I seemed to have mostly escaped any effects. Maybe I have higher tolerance or maybe he just ate more of the contaminated part. At any rate, while I did have some stomach pains, he ended up missing work due to being so sick. The good news is it seems as everyone is better now. Just in time for the weekend!

That’s my week. What about yours?

14 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #57"

Thanks everyone for your well wishes!

Sickness in one is bad enough, but three? No thank you. Yay on wellness taking over.

Yeah, I don’t think sickness enjoys company. 😉

hope all are well soon!

Better days ahead for all, I hope.

I hope your weekend helps you forget your week! 🙂

Hope for better words next week 🙂

I’m glad you can enjoy the weekend.

The long weekend is being very much appreciated. 🙂

So sorry to hear your hubby and dogs were sick! Glad you were spared from getting it! I hope they all feel better soon and that the weekend is a restful one.


My husband seems to be back to normal. As for the dogs, they’ve both seen the vet and are taking medications. Hopefully, the interventions do the trick!

Otherwise it was a good week then!

Was it a good week? Hmm….

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