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Six-Word Saturday #59

Posted on: February 7, 2015


Two snow days; students were wild

Snow day! What could be better? A day to catch an extra few winks, write a chapter instead of a scene in my novel, answer that piled-up mail, read through a backlog of magazines, and curl up with hubby in front of the tube while drinking hot chocolate. Two snow days? That’s a double blessing!

Of course, there are downfalls to snow days. The dogs won’t stay out long enough to do their business. At some point, the walk does need to get shoveled. Sometimes the walk even requires shoveling more than one time. Finally, when I return to my teaching job, the students are unfocused and hyper. Sadly, very little instruction or productivity happened.

So, what could be as could as a snow day? How about the weekend! True, there are chores to be done, but there’s also time to relax. My husband and I will visit family, attend church, and have other weekend perks. The sun is out fortunately, which means the dogs are willing to go outside. Finally, as one of my students aptly observed, it’s quieter on the weekend.

That’s my weekend. How about yours?

12 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #59"

Never looked at it from the teacher’s point of view. Bittersweet.

I wonder what my students were feeling at the day of their day with me. 😉

My days are pretty much all the same now. Be thankful yours are ever changing.

If every day were like Friday, I’d seriously question my choice of being a teacher. I prefer the days when students engage in the subject and we get creative about how to pursue it. That unfortunately seems to require routine, routine, routine.

Wild with joy, or disappointment because there was no school? I guess the former.

Wild because they had two days of freedom, followed by two days of having to sit for hours. I’m sure it was a shock to their systems. Just like Mondays always are to mine!

Sounds like snow days are mixed blessings. 🙂

Sometimes it’s good to be able to say TGIF on Thursday (or even, oddly, on Monday), but you’re right: the consequences can be less than desirable.

I wonder what life would be like with four-day work weeks? 😉

Fun for all right! Our weekend is spring today (yep here in Minnesota) but winter is supposedly returning tomorrow. Of course, it is.

The week of snow was perhaps an anomaly in our mild and barren ground winter. 🙂

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