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Six-Word Saturday #61

Posted on: March 14, 2015


Spring break over; I’m happy-sad

The break started with an agility trial. It’s been months since we could attend one, due to my husband injuring his foot in the fall. All went well! Our dog qualified five out of six times, as well as taking home some first and second prize ribbons

Then onward to the break! Most of it, I spent feeling too tired for anything productive. I read and reviewed books. I tried out some new software, with my favorite being Aeon Timeline. I also snuck in sleep, magazines, and walks.

As part of the week, my husband and I also fostered a cat. She’ll leave us today, which makes me sad. I hope for her the best future ever! Maybe someday her story will appear here. 🙂

Now it’s the weekend before school starts up again. I’m excited about the special projects planned for the fourth quarter, but also looking ahead to summer. I’m getting older and enjoy the rest time now more than the hectic pace of work.

How about you? What was your week like?

12 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #61"

I used to feel like that, after Spring Break, but with disability, I am usually at home, or at a doctor appointment.

How is life at home?

Relaxing; a lot of reading, crocheting and Netflix. 😊

Those sounds like fun perks. 😉

what a full break- and how nice to foster a kitty. Cheers!

Saying goodbye is hardest part of being a foster. If it works out, however, I’ll be so happy!

Bittersweet moments! Enjoy your weekend!

Since I retired life is one long break – and I’m not sure I like it!

I used to find summers long, but recently I’m really started to appreciate their endless hours and freedom. From visiting your blog, I gather retirement is full of travels? 🙂

My spring break starts in a couple of weeks, so I’ll be in your position soon!

Six Owlish Words

Spring break does seem to come at all different times. My brother just had his break. Our university will have theirs next week. Enjoy yours!

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