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Snapshot Meme #62: Seventh Anniversary

Posted on: April 25, 2015

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. On April 21, my husband and I celebrate our seventh anniversary. Below are the highlights from both before and on that special day.

To start our celebration, we  spent the previous weekend doing special stuff. This included going out to our favorite restaurant, Kinja. We like all the creative ways they prepare sushi. Andy topped off our meal by ordering champagne.





It also included going out to a movie. We saw “When We’re Young” about a childless middle-age couple whose lives are disrupted when a disarming young couple enter their lives. It was funny, weird, and a little sad.

Finally, we spent a few hours looking through old email exchanges about places to visit, activities to do, and foods to try. This inspired Andy to make Hong Kong French Toast.

The weekend over, we headed into a long week. We’ve been taking new homeowner classes in the evenings. It’s also near the end of my teaching year, which can be a hectic time.

Andy decided to surprise me on our anniversary itself too with a special gift. In the middle of my reading with students, our security monitor came to my classroom carrying flowers. She told me that office had been enjoying them, but it might be nice for me to have them.


My students were full of questions about who the flowers were from, as well as wanting to smell the flowers. To them, they smelled like bubblegum. 🙂

I told them, my husband gave the flowers to me. Of course, they then wanted to know how long we were married. The reading class turned into one of personal questions. As soon as I could, I rounded up another teacher to take photos.

I also finally got to leave one of those obtuse messages that some people put on Facebook. Mine simply said: “Thank you!” Then I added: “This is one of these mysterious messages where the recipient knows what the message means but no one else does. 😉 Anyone is welcome to make guesses!”

12 Responses to "Snapshot Meme #62: Seventh Anniversary"

Happy Anniversary. Glad you guys had fun celebrating it.

Sean at His and Her Hobbies

It’s been a rough week with many health issues for pets. Our anniversary was a most welcome bright spot. 🙂

Too Sweet! Happy Anniversary.

My husband is a sweet man. 🙂

What a fun anniversary celebration! Congratulations.
Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

Happy anniversary, and what great celebrations you are enjoying, from the food to the gorgeous flowers. I like your cryptic FB message.


The only planned activity we had to cancel was a hike in one of our local parks. It rained all weekend and there went that idea. 😦

Happy Anniversary! It looks like it was a blast – but how can you go wrong with sushi!

Ironically, sushi is a taste I acquired only in the past few years. Now when we can afford it, sushi would be one of my top food choices. 🙂

Congratulations on your anniversary!

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