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A New Friend for Fruity

Posted on: April 29, 2015

Over the past year, I have been reviewing stories of dogs, cats, and other animals. Some of those tales are true. Others are simply inspired by real pets. Here, I want to share a couple of stories based on the lives of my own guinea pigs, the last of whom passed away in June 2013. Photos and illustrations are mine. In the future, I hope to share more of their escapades, as well as those of my other pets.

Pudding_BioAndy and I take a drive out-of-state to an animal shelter in Kansas. We know this shelter has guinea pigs of the same breed (Abyssinian) as Fruity. We know it has female guinea pigs. We even know that it has guinea pigs that are about one year of age like Fruity.

We wander around the shelter, looking for where the guinea pigs are housed. Nope, cats won’t do. Cats and guinea pigs would not make good friends. Cats would eat them. Nope, we don’t want dogs either. Dogs and guinea pigs might get along, but even the smallest dog could overwhelm the biggest guinea pig. Okay, rabbits would do, but we still prefer guinea pigs.

Around another corner we go. Ah-ha! Here are the guinea pigs.

Andy and I study them. Two are hiding in a plastic igloo and show no signs of coming out. Another is as fat as a ball and looks content to stay where she is. That leaves two others….

In a big wire cage littered with hay and decorated with plastic tubes are wild-haired pigs like my girl. I ease open the cage door.

The two stumble over one another in their haste to retreat to the back of their cage. I hold out my hand to pet one of them.

Andy laughs, as they dart to the furthest corner. “There they go again!”

I smile knowingly and shake my head. “Pigs!”

We study the two of them. Getting to touch them won’t be easy. Getting to pick them up will be more difficult. Pigs are very skittish creatures.

I hold out a piece of hay to tempt them. Pigs love their food. They move towards me. I grin. Ah, success! Pudding_Allison

I stroke the tawny one.

The brown one bolts—towards me! Maybe, she doesn’t like the lack of attention?

I gently pick her up and cuddle her. Her heart races and she stiffens. “Are you scared, girl?” I whisper.

At first she doesn’t move. Then she clings tight. Finally, she loosens her grip and looks cautiously up.

I stroke her chin. She hiccups.

I laugh. “Haven’t you ever had your chin stroked before?”

She juts her chin up further. Andy strokes her too.

“Say good-bye to your old home,” I tell her. My heart is taken with this quiet one. I think she’ll also best suit my girl back home who, no matter how lonely she is, will want to remain queen of her domain.


Your Turn!

  • Have you ever gotten a second pet?
  • How did you pick this companion?

2 Responses to "A New Friend for Fruity"

Besides Fruity and Pudding, I also had Bumblebee. Each had their own unique personalities and are fun girls to write about. 🙂

I’m looking forward to reading more stories about your guinea pigs.

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