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Six-Word Saturday #62

Posted on: May 2, 2015


I can’t wait for summer vacation!

Just like my students, I’m feeling a little trapped inside the four walls of school. We’ve just ended a month of tests, assemblies, and many other activities. Now we’re coming up on a month of final projects and report cards. I’m ready to be done.

In addition to the end of school year stress, our pets have all taken turn this past month in being sick. Our dog, Barnaby, spent an evening in emergency because he couldn’t keep anything down. Then our cat, Cinder, took a trip to the vet because she wouldn’t eat. Both are better now, but we’re still concerned about our dog, Gizmo. He’s been fighting frequent attacks of pancreatitis.

The promise of summer vacation looms ahead. Walks in the warm weather. Hours to sleep and read. Snuggles with hubby and pets. Oh, I know there’ll still be stress. I’ll also quickly find things I need to do. But, for now, the grass is greener on the other side. Or summer seems to hold hope for better days. 🙂

14 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #62"

LOL, being a mom, I have my own 6 words “Please postpone summer vacation: I’m writing.”

Yeah, it’s all in perspective. On snow days, parents all groan; teachers all cheer. 😉

Hope it comes quickly for you!

In one breath I feel panicked at all that’s left to do. In another breath, I keep wishing the end were here already. ;-(

Counting down with you.

Fourteen days from now, another school year will have ended. 🙂

My time off has been okay, but it is back to work for me for the next month. I bet I will be feeling the same way soon! 😉

I’m happy to hear you’ll soon get to return to work!

Sounds like you will be ready for a break! Our summer vacation doesn’t start until 17th July. 🙂

Right now, I’m in survival mode. My commitments outside of school are minimal. I read and take long baths whenever time allows. The stress is too high and so I long for days uncluttered with any obligations.

July 17th seems like an eternity away. For me, that’s actually probably good. After all, another school year will start up here again in August.

Our school year starts again at the beginning of September. We get a much shorter summer break than you, but get more breaks during the year.

I’m guessing either way has its pros and cons. The long summer breaks more easily allow for vacations. I use the time to visit my family in Canada. At the same time, the short summer break might mean students would lose less of their learning between school years.

My summer vacation starts at 3 p.m. on the 22nd, so I know what you mean!

Mine starts on the 22nd too. 🙂

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