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Snapshot Meme #63: Couple Collage

Posted on: May 22, 2015

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Two years ago, for my first photo, I introduced everyone to my husband. Now you’re about to see more couple photos!

There’s nothing like stress to test a relationship. 😉 For those of you who follow my Six-Word Saturday posts, you’ll know that my husband and I have faced plenty this spring.

This got me in the mood to share more photos of us. To start, I have one from winter. How long ago I don’t know. All I know is it shows us out walking in the cold and enjoying the snow. In contrast to it, I have one from summer. We took our two dogs out for a walk and got caught in the rain. Somehow we managed to laugh about it.


A long-standing joke about our relationship is that Andy loves movies and I love books. As we’ve grown together, these two interests have blended. Others not so much. I have stopped caring about football and computer games. Andy still doesn’t like to garden or draw. I love both our shared interests and our unique passions.


Writing is a passion of mine for which Andy has shown incredible support. Not only does he take me to see author sites, but he spends hours helping me revise my manuscripts. In the first photo, we’re outside the spooky Stephen King’s home. In the second, the two of us are talking about changes needed in a story. The latter become samples I use with my writing students.


Andy and I enjoyed sorting through our couple photos for this meme. One of his favorites is the one where we’re wearing the 3-D glasses. Mine is of him at work, displaying my photo and missing me. I love you, Andy, through all the bad and good that comes our way.


18 Responses to "Snapshot Meme #63: Couple Collage"

All the photos of you both are great, because you look so together.

What sweet pictures! I think my husband and I should take more pictures of us together!

When looking through our couple photos, my husband and I realized most of them were from a few years ago. So, we might be taking more selfies in the future too!

Aw…great pics! Looks like you have a lot of fun!


Book By Book

We have our moments. 🙂

Adorable! Marriage is all about ups and down and give and take! You’re doing fine! You can tell by the sparkle in both of your eyes!

Marriage is about commitment too. Sometimes it’s a little tough; other times it’s really quite easy. We’re best friends forever. 🙂

Cool couple photos!

I loved that blue glasses pic!!

I’m glad my husband talked me into sharing the 3-D glasses photo. It seems to be a popular pick. 🙂

Cute photos! I love how you’ve managed to focus on some shared interests, while still enjoying your individual passions.


The balance has come through almost twenty years of knowing one another; seven of being married.

Nice selection of photos of a happy couple.

Andy and I enjoyed picking them out together.

Such great photos! My favorite is the two of you in 3-D glasses. It sounds like your interests complement each other.

Thank you. My husband likes the one with us in 3-D glasses best too. Yes, we do have a lot of interests we share. 🙂

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