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Snapshot Meme #64: Our Last Goodbye

Posted on: May 30, 2015

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. My husband and I lost our adopted silky terrier this past Saturday, May 23. Gizmo was blessed in that all of years (except perhaps for his last, due to failing health), were happy ones. Gizmo came from a loving home with a wonderful woman who had to give him up when she went into an assisted living facility. Her daughter then took him in, but Gizmo and her dog did not get along and she feared for Gizmo’s safety. This is how we came into his life, and he came into ours. Gizmo was blessed to have lived in three loving homes. Here is the tribute my husband wrote, which perfectly expresses how I feel.

Gizmo Tribute

On Saturday, Allison and I said goodbye to Gizmo for the second and last time.

The first time we said goodbye to Gizmo was in June of 2013. We started fostering him the previous December with the understanding that we would only be able to keep him until the start of summer, when we would leave for our annual trip to visit Allison’s family. But surely someone would adopt him before then! Well, no, it turns out no one really wants an elderly dog with Cushing’s. And so on his last full day with us, we took him and Barnaby for a romp at Pioneer Park, which concluded with ice cream for everyone. The next day he was picked up at our house to be taken to his new foster family. As he was being carried away, he looked back at us with the saddest eyes. And that’s how we ended up taking him back after our trip and adopting him the following January.

Gizmo was a happy-go-lucky dog. He was full of energy, even in his senior years. He loved to rip toys apart. He loved Barnaby and hated our cat. When there was nothing to do, he would sit and wobble like an excited R2-D2. But shortly after we began fostering him the second time, he injured his back. Although his back legs were completely paralyzed for a while, he eventually regained the ability to walk. Not once did he lose his zest for life.

Only in the past few months had we begun to worry that the second goodbye might be near. Gizmo’s back legs had been growing weaker and weaker, and eventually he lost the ability to walk on his own. His already bad eyesight and bad hearing had gotten worse. He got pancreatitis, and got it again, and again, and again. His zest for life was waning. Finally, he stopped eating entirely. When we started fostering him, he had weighed over twelve pounds. Now he was down to eight. We had talked about spoiling Gizmo when we knew the end was near. But when that time actually came, spoiling him was no longer possible. He couldn’t go on walks. He had almost no energy. He wouldn’t eat anything, no matter how tempting.

But—There had been that first goodbye! We’d spoiled him then! He’d received the goodbye he deserved! How great to have gotten that chance. And how great that the first goodbye didn’t stick.

On his last day, we sat with Gizmo in the backyard. We pet him and held him and told him how much he was loved. It shows how poorly he felt that this dog, who was never a lap dog, laid peacefully in my lap as I read – the first and last time he ever did so.

This second goodbye has hurt so much more than the first. This one is going to stick.

16 Responses to "Snapshot Meme #64: Our Last Goodbye"

😦 I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure Gizmo felt very loved with you

Thanks for your condolences.

So sorry for you. At least you have the comfort that you gave him many happy years.

His last few months, Gizmo really started to decline. We’re also trying to take comfort in the fact that now he’s at peace.

So sorry for your loss. Last year we took my husband’s mother’s dog after her death. She is doing well now, but I know when the time comes to say goodbye to her, we will be very sad. She is so attached to my husband now, she follows him everywhere!

So many pets are displaced after their owner dies. It’s wonderful you could take your husband’s mother’s dog.

So very sorry to hear about Gizmo! I am a dog mom and know how much our furry children mean to us. Gizmo was very Blessed to have you as parents and I know that your love was returned. {Hugs}

In his own ways, Gizmo showed us how much we meant to him. In his better days, he greeted us at the door and shadowed my husband. In his failing days, he still liked to rest against us during meals and TV time.

Oh dear … I am so sorry ! What a beautiful tribute you’ve written. Gizmo had it just as good with you as you had it with him.

Gizmo added a delightful energy to our lives. He is missed.

He was very lucky to have you both love him so much.

And we were lucky to have known Gizmo. 🙂

As I reread Andy’s lovely tribute to Gizmo, I appreciated again how fortunate he was that you were there at just the right time for him. He was indeed blessed.

I agree. We were the right pet parents for Gizmo.

Its tough losing a pet. I’m glad you gave him a good home and had great times with him.

Sean at His and Her Hobbies

It never gets any easier to lose a pet. We’re trying to find comfort in the happy memories.

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